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forkertgalgøre ureti vejenuret



nem megfelelő

rangursiîferîilega rangurekki réttur/hæfurgera rangt tilí ólagi; ekki eîlilegur



įžeistiklystantisnesisektineteisingai pasielgtinusižengimas

aizvainotaplamiaplamsapvainotdarīt pāri

krivdiťnemorálnynie v poriadku




một cách sai lầmsai




3. (= amiss) is anything or something wrong?¿pasa algo?
what’s wrong?¿qué pasa?
what’s wrong with you?¿qué te pasa?
what’s wrong with the car?¿qué le pasa al coche?
nothing’s wrong; there’s nothing wrongno pasa nada
there’s nothing wrong with it/himno le pasa nada
something’s wrong; there’s something wronghay algo mal or que no está bien
there’s something wrong with my lights; something’s wrong with my lightsalgo les pasa a mis faros
something was very wronghabía algo que no iba nada bien
4. to be wrong in the headestar chiflado

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(= amiss) what’s wrong? → qu’est-ce qui ne va pas?, qu’est-ce qu’il y a?
What’s wrong with you? → Qu’est-ce que tu as?
What’s wrong with her? → Qu’est-ce qu’elle a?
What’s wrong with the car? → Qu’est-ce qu’elle a, la voiture?
There’s something wrong with the computer → Quelque chose ne va pas avec l’ordinateur., Il y a quelque chose qui cloche dans l’ordinateur.
There’s nothing wrong → Tout va bien.
There’s nothing wrong with him → Il n’y a rien qui cloche chez lui.
(= not most suitable, not best) [decision, reasons, choice] → mauvais(e)
I’m afraid I’ll make the wrong decision → J’ai peur de prendre la mauvaise décision.
We got married for the wrong reasons → Nous nous sommes mariés pour les mauvaises raisons.
I’m in the wrong job
BUT Ce n’est pas un travail pour moi.
That’s the wrong kind of nail
BUT Ce n’est pas la bonne sorte de clou.
He’s the wrong person for this job
BUT Ce n’est pas la bonne personne pour ce travail.
(= incorrect) [calculations] → faux(fausse)
The information they gave us was wrong → Les renseignements qu’ils nous ont donnés étaient faux.
The clock showed the wrong time → L’horloge n’était pas à l’heure.
to be wrong [answer] → être faux(fausse); [clock, watch] → ne pas être à l’heure
(= morally bad) → mal
I think hunting is wrong → Je trouve que c’est mal de chasser.
it is wrong to do sth → c’est mal de faire qch
It is wrong to steal → C’est mal de voler.
to be wrong to do sth [person] → avoir tort de faire qch
You were wrong to speak to the newspapers first → Vous avez eu tort de parler aux journaux en premier.
She was wrong to leave her child alone → Elle a eu tort de laisser son enfant seul.

to be in the wrong → avoir tort

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1. adj

a. (morally) → sbagliato/a, riprovevole; (unfair) → ingiusto/a, sbagliato/a; (wicked) → cattivo/a
it’s wrong to steal, stealing is wrong → non si deve rubare
you were wrong to do that → hai sbagliato a fare così
what’s wrong with a drink now and again? → che c’è di male nel bere un bicchierino ogni tanto?
b. (incorrect) → sbagliato/a, errato/a
to be wrong (answer) → essere sbagliato/a (in doing, saying) → avere torto
I was wrong in thinking that … → avevo torto a pensare che…
you are wrong about that → ti sbagli
c. (improper, not sought, not wanted) → sbagliato/a, inadatto/a
to say/do the wrong thing → dire/fare qc che non va
d. (amiss) is anything or something wrong?c’è qualcosa che non va?
what’s wrong (with you)? → che cos’hai?, cosa c’è che non va?
there’s nothing wrong → va tutto bene
there is something wrong with my lights → le luci non funzionano bene
what’s wrong with your arm? → cos’hai al braccio?
what’s wrong with the car? → cos’ha la macchina che non va?
to be wrong in the head (fam) → essere un po’ tocco/a

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(roŋ) adjective

2. incorrect in one’s answer(s), opinion(s) etc; mistaken. I thought Singapore was south of the Equator, but I was quite wrong.
3. not good, not morally correct etc. It is wrong to steal.
5. not right; not normal. There’s something wrong with this engine; What’s wrong with that child – why is she crying?


incorrectly. I think I may have spelt her name wrong.


that which is not morally correct. He does not know right from wrong.


to insult or hurt unjustly. You wrong me by suggesting that I’m lying.

ˈwrongful adjective

not lawful or fair. wrongful dismissal from a job.

ˈwrongfully adverb

ˈwrongfulness noun

ˈwrongly adverb

1. incorrectly. The letter was wrongly addressed.
2. unjustly. I have been wrongly treated.

ˈwrongdoer noun

a person who does wrong or illegal things. The wrongdoers must be punished.

ˈwrongdoing noun

do (someone) wrong

to insult (someone), treat (someone) unfairly etc.

do wrong

to act incorrectly or unjustly. You did wrong to punish him.

go wrong

1. to go astray, badly, away from the intended plan etc. Everything has gone wrong for her in the past few years.
2. to stop functioning properly. The machine has gone wrong – I can’t get it to stop!
3. to make a mistake. Where did I go wrong in that sum?

in the wrong

guilty of an error or injustice. She is completely blameless. You’re the one who’s in the wrong!

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بِطَرِيقَةٍ خاطِئَة, خاطِئ špatně, špatný forkert falsch, nicht richtig λανθασμένα, λανθασμένος incorrecto, mal väärä, väärin faux, mal pogrešan, pogrešno in modo sbagliato, sbagliato 誤った, 間違った, 間違って 이상있는, 잘못된, 틀리게 fout, verkeerd feil, gal źle, zły errado, incorretamente неправильно, неправильный fel, felaktig ไม่ถูกต้อง, ผิด, ผิดปกติ ahlakça suç sayılan, yanlış một cách sai lầm, sai 错的, 错误地, 错误的

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n. error, falsedad;

adv. mal; incorrectamente, equivocadamente;


to be ___no tener razón; estar equivocado-a;

to go ___[to fail to understand] interpretar mal; equivocarse;

a. erróneo-a; incorrecto-a;

___ treatmentel tratamiento equivocado ___;

the ___ sideel lado afectado, el lado incorrecto.

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