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(o.f.) [ˈwaɪəlɪs] (esp Brit)

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(also wireless telegraphy) → radio f
(British) (old-fashioned) (also wireless set) → T.S.F. f (old-fashioned), (poste m de) radio f

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(esp Brit dated)



wireless card

n (Comput) → kabellose Netzwerkkarte

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[ˈwaɪəlɪs] (old)

1. n (Brit) → radio f (also wireless set) → (apparecchio m) radio f inv
on the wireless → per radio

2. adj (station, programme) → radiofonico/a

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(ˈwaiə) noun

1. (also adjective) (of) metal drawn out into a long strand, as thick as string or as thin as thread. We need some wire to connect the battery to the rest of the circuit; a wire fence.
2. a single strand of this. There must be a loose wire in my radio somewhere.
3. the metal cable used in telegraphy. The message came over the wire this morning.


1. to fasten, connect etc with wire. The house has been wired (up), but the electricity hasn’t been connected yet.
2. to send a telegram to. Wire me if anything important happens.
3. to send (a message) by telegram. You can wire the details to my brother in New York.

ˈwireless nounˈwiring noun

the (system of) wires used in connecting up a circuit etc.

high wire

a high tightrope. acrobats on the high wire.

ˌwire-ˈnetting noun

a material with wide mesh woven of wire, used in fencing etc.

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