definition of willfulness by The Free Dictionary

Her will was sometimes willfulness, and the ease with which she did most things led her to be impatient of hard tasks or long ones.
The inveterate willfulness and caprice of his proceedings in these particulars defied every effort to reduce them to a system, and baffled all attempts at calculating on them beforehand.
Philander, that I was quite right, as usual; and but for your stubborn willfulness we should have escaped a series of most humiliating, not to say dangerous accidents.
Oh, my friend, that I should have brought you to all this by my willfulness and vanity; and now when I might save you my wits leave me and I forget the way.”
The court said willfulness is a state of mind, done intentionally and voluntarily to violate a law.
The appellate court also vacated the jury’s damages award and the district court’s award of enhanced damages, remanding the case to the district court for a new trial on damages and reconsideration of willfulness. The appellate court affirmed the district court rulings in all other respects.
Ultimately, to prove willfulness, prosecutors must establish that 1) the law imposed a duty on a defendant; 2) the defendant knew of the duty; and 3) the defendant voluntarily and intentionally violated that duty.
That willfulness is never to be confused with fascism.
There are multiple means by which the Commonwealth may prove willful failure to appear, and not all of those means rely on an inference of willfulness derived from proof of timely notice.
The original verdict was for $636,807 in lost profits but that’s nothing compared to what’s still under consideration additional damages of $1.2 million due to the continuing sales, attorneys’ fees of more than $1 million, and treble damages for willfulness. The defendant, JF Microtechology, has appealed to the D.C.

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