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But before Rosalia was the iconoclastic figure she is now, she was just the music school graduate behind 2017’s Los Angeles, a largely bare-bones study in the acrobatics of vocality where she tested the limits of flamenco’s trembling melismas.
“An Effortless Voice: Queer Vocality and Transgender Identity in Kim Fu’s For Today I Am a Boy” in Queering Masculinities in Language and Culture.
As part of the Leonard Bernstein centennial, Marin Alsop conducts the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in a rare performance of the religious spectacle “Mass.” The featured performers include Tony Award-winner Paulo Szot, the Chicago Children’s Choir, Vocality, the Highland Park High School Marching Band and more on Saturday at the Ravinia Festival, 418 Sheridan Road, Highland Park.
See Cavarero’s essay on vocality in The Sound Studies Reader, ed.
(40) Despite this, Abishag’s vocality may only occur in her imagination: “When my eyes are open I imagine myself / on your lap.
(11.) In “Ophelia’s Songs in Hamlet: Music, Madness, and the Feminine,” in Embodied Voices: Representing Female Vocality in Western Culture, ed.
In their work on women’s voices in Western culture, Leslie Dunn and Nancy Jones distinguish between vocality as a set of material, sonic practices (the ways the air leaves one’s chest, throat, and mouth and reaches another’s ears as an audible vibration) and the metaphorical use of the word voice, particularly in feminist discourse, to “refer to a wide range of aspirations” including “cultural agency, political enfranchisement, sexual autonomy, and expressive freedom” (1).
This attempt is most visibly reflected in the character of Ofeliia and the newfound, lucid vocality she comes to be defined by.
This book’s narrative progresses from a discussion of the origins of the crooner tradition to the performance practice that defined this aesthetic and finally through an examination of how changing social perceptions regarding vocality and masculinity framed the male pop vocal tradition.
Shoaf, “The Voice in Relief: Sculpture and Surplus Vocality at the Rise of Naturalism”, examines the messages conveyed by the images in relief on the cathedral facade at Orvieto and how those might be placed or interpreted by visitors.
In the current investigation, 15 elderly patients aged 55-70 with limited mobility and vocality from Tianjin nursing home were used as study subjects.

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