definition of verticality by The Free Dictionary

Use the lightest drapery hardware possible in order to accentuate the sense of verticality. Forego swags and jabots in favor of a tailored valance, if at all.
The tower, which projects slightly forward of its shorter sibling, has a compelling verticality, the result of its height and narrow frame.
Both the flowers and parts of the striped background are depicted with the same application of diluted white paint (which has a marbleized look), while two black bands echo and redouble the verticality of the leaves.
Echoing the verticality of the trees the building skin is a pattern of solids and voids, panels of timber and glass that slide and lap over the exposed grid of the building’s structural columns.
As Jonathan Porretta wound his way through the tangle of men and women, he showed that verticality is just a matter of taste and perspective.
To accentuate the verticality of the living room, Matthews made its higher endnear the front door into a two-story stairwell with a loft-like study on the upper level.
These (often optional) routes through tracks offer interesting graphical diversions and a new sense of verticality to track design.
The writing, too–sometimes of the type displayed on digital traffic signs, sometimes more like graffiti–participates in the works’ insistent verticality. It is all gutter stuff, but it refuses, literally, to lie down.
“Typically, the design of a tower would express its verticality. In this case, we countered the verticality with a composition of smaller-scale ‘stacked boxes’, which grounds the building in the scale of the neighborhood,” he said.
Cableman, as he’s called, begins as a heap and eventually achieves verticality through the help of an excavator operator.
Her daring horizontal geometries play off Wright’s thrusting verticality and boldly cantilevered floors.
In both cases, upright rectangular blocks were placed in curved areas to allow a smoother turn of the wall and to accent verticality. (Like other kinds of glass block, the two sizes shown are available through glass dealers and some building supply centers; a typical wall starts at about $20 per square foot, installed.)

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