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صِمامصِمام الراديو او التلفِزْيونصِمام القَلْب






lampilokaloki, ventill

elektroninė lempavožtuvas

elektronu lampavārstsvārstulisventilis

kapakçıkradyo/elektronik lâmbavalfvana

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n (Anat) → Klappe f; (Tech, on musical instrument) → Ventil nt; (in pipe system) → Absperrhahn m; (Rad, TV) → Röhre f; inlet/outlet valve (Aut) → Einlass-/Auslassventil nt

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[vælv] n (all senses) → valvola

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(vӕlv) noun

1. a device for allowing a liquid or gas to pass through an opening in one direction only.
2. a structure with the same effect in an animal body. Valves in the heart control the flow of blood in the human body.
3. a type of electronic component found in many, especially older, types of television, radio etc.

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n. válvula, valva, estructura membranosa en un canal u orificio que al cerrarse temporalmente impide el reflujo del contenido que pasa a través de ella;

aortic ______ aórtica;

aortic-semilunar ______ aórtica semilunar;

atrioventricular left ______ auriculoventricular izquierda;

atrioventricular right ___, tricuspid___ auriculoventricular derecha, tricúspide;

bicuspid or mitral ______ bicúspide o mitral;

ileocecal ______ ileocecal;

pulmonary ______ pulmonar;

pyloric ______ pilórica.

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n válvula; aortic — válvula aórtica; mitral — válvula mitral; pulmonic — válvula pulmonar; pyloric — válvula pilórica; tricuspid — válvula tricúspide

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