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Get rid of this most unpresidential of presidents, America, before it is too late.
We may say that his racist or sexist remarks were uncalled for or unpresidential. But Trump had decided early on that the risk of being called racist or sexist in attacking the Squad, was outweighed by the political benefit of using the occasion to fire up his base ahead of the coming election.
Polls suggest a continuing public distaste for Trump’s erratic, egoistic personal style, with 65 percent finding his behavior “unpresidential” in the Post-ABC News poll.
Trump’s personal qualities influence voter preferences even more strongly than his detailed policies, and 65% told the ABC/Post survey that he acts in an “unpresidential” manner, while only 28% found his behavior “fitting and proper.” Yet 1 in 5 voters who view him as “unpresidential” like his overall performance, a strong sign that his brutishly unconventional approach to the office is actually a good thing to many of his core supporters.
His advocates cannot then feign surprise when citizens on both sides of the Atlantic voice their discontent with his decidedly unpresidential behaviour.
In a statement issued by Kola Ologbondiyan, it’s National Publicity Secretary, in Abuja, the party noted that such resort to the branding of Nigerians for rightly exercising their rights was completely unpresidential and must be condemned by all.
In recent years there has been some decidedly unpresidential behaviour during these visits – and not just from Mr Trump.
UNPRESIDENTIAL?-‘Despite all the efforts to undermine him, notwithstanding the unrelenting attacks against his person, his rather colorful tongue, and his sartorial idiosyncrasies, the president’s popularity ratings did an astounding rebound in the third quarter of 2018.
Many have called him unpresidential for using such incivil language in public.
After all, aside from the prospect of trade war, none of Individual-1’s tantrums, unpresidential as they are, have much direct economic impact.
The President’s scathing remarks and colorful expletives were meant to endear him to the masses, but the rest of the country thinks his behavior and undistilled remarks are grossly unpresidential and crude.
Trump said he would be called “unpresidential” for praising Kim.

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