definition of unabashedly by The Free Dictionary

The posters on the walls unabashedly celebrate the achievements of black women.
Freed from the banality of merchandising that constrained the “Celebration” series and from the saccharine simplification of emblems of childhood that characterized “Easyfun”–a 1999-2000 series that retreated into nursery-school subject matter associated with Koons’s young son–the five canvases on view here (all works 2002) unabashedly indulged in a mesmerizing, maximal onslaught of cleverly composed, superrealistic depictions of the lush life.
The ballet, choreographed in Brussels in 1988, is arguably Morris greatest achievement: a full evening’s work for 24 dancers that is unabashedly euphoric in tone, with live chorus and orchestra backed by Adrianne Lobel’s geometrically brilliant sets.
As an unabashedly feminist cultural critic and scholar, she has written 17 books, earning international acclaim as a visionary, particularly on topics of race and gender politics.
Mercier is unabashedly nostalgic for the utopian foundations of early modernism: A gesture that would have been gleefully anarchic applied to a contemporary object seems here, after inducing an initial chuckle of surprise, oddly mournful.
PETER PAIGE IS TAKING a break, confessing he may be “out of his mind.” For playing the sexy and unabashedly sexual Emmett on Showtime’s hot gay soap Queer as Folk?
The audiotape physically resembles film stock, so there’s irony in the fact that the unabashedly cinematic Video Quartet is a digital work.
As a mainline denomination, the Protestant Episcopal Church has long taken a more liberal and conciliatory–if not unabashedly supportive–approach to gay rights than its Pentecostal counterparts.
Unabashedly Soviet in influence, full of quick cuts, intertitles, and scratchy, skittish energy, this film may be short, but its proportions are epic.
Only one denomination listed below, the United Church of Christ, is unabashedly open to gays.
Her paintings flaunt bright pastel colors and decorative psychedelic patterns that are unabashedly pleasing, but there’s a conceptual end-a challenge to the role of the artist as pleasure provider-which fits snugly with the decidedly less-than-commercial format of work on walls.
chant unabashedly in a full-frontal opening number, gleefully acknowledging the main draw of the show.

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