definition of trampling by The Free Dictionary

He was not put out of temper even by the sight of the peasants’ horses and colts trampling down his young grass (he told a peasant he met to drive them out), nor by the sarcastic and stupid reply of the peasant Ipat, whom he met on the way, and asked, “Well, Ipat, shall we soon be sowing?” “We must get the ploughing done first, Konstantin Dmitrievitch,” answered Ipat.
That night I saw nothing, but just after sunrise the next morning a large herd of elephants came crashing and trampling by.
Now he understood the trampling. The elephants had stamped out more room–had stamped the thick grass and juicy cane to trash, the trash into slivers, the slivers into tiny fibers, and the fibers into hard earth.

The music of the trampling feet, the sharp voices, the clanking arms of the column near him made him soar on the red wings of war.

If the men were advancing, their indifferent feet were trampling upon his chances for a successful life.

rub-a- dub-dub!–in all the towns and villages; and louder and more numerous grew the trampling footsteps of the recruits that marched behind.

The boys loitered heavily to School, missing the rub-a-dub-dub and the trampling march, in the rear of which they had so lately run and shouted.

The Jordanian Information Minister and Spokeswoman Jumana Ghneimat has ignored Israeli government on Saturday an official protest to Jordan over the picture spread to her and trampling on the Israeli flag during the visit to the headquarters of the union complex in the capital Amman.
NEW YORK — Pakistan permanent representative to UN Maleeha Lodhi has said India is trampling basic human rights in Occupied Kashmir unhindered and international community should take solid and meaningful steps to sort our Kashmir conundrum
The cow knocked her to the ground before trampling her and stabbing her with its horns at Bolton’s Bench in Lyndhurst, Hants.
They knock him to the ground and narrowly miss trampling him with their sharp hooves.
She further said that India is committing grave violations of international principles through atrocities and trampling of human rights by its troops its army in held Kashmir.

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