definition of Tilda by The Free Dictionary

Tilda,’ said Miss Squeers, colouring up to the top row of curls,

‘I have not been used to it, you know, ‘Tilda,’ said Miss Squeers, applying her hand to the left side of her sash.

‘There are only four of us, ‘Tilda,’ said Miss Squeers, looking slyly at Nicholas; ‘so we had better go partners, two against two.’

Tilda HAS won something she didn’t expect, I think, haven’t you, dear?’ said Miss Squeers, maliciously.

‘Thank you, ‘Tilda, dear,’ retorted Miss Squeers, majestically.

Tilda,’ exclaimed Miss Squeers with dignity, ‘I hate you.’

Carrots and gooseberry tart — pease-pudding and plenty of fat — pork and beef and mutton, and cut ’em all, and quick about it — stout for one, and ale for t’other — and stale bread here, and new bread there — and this gentleman likes cheese, and that gentleman doesn’t — Matilda, Tilda, Tilda, Tilda, fifty times over, till I didn’t know my own name again — oh lord!

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