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When the sunrays at last struck full and mellowingly upon the earth, the youth saw that the landscape was streaked with two long, thin, black columns which disappeared on the brow of a hill in front and rearward vanished in a wood.
This fit of hot anger was succeeded by a sudden sadness, by the darkening passage of a thought that ran over the scorched surface of his heart, like upon a barren plain, and after a fiercer assault of sunrays, the melancholy and cooling shadow of a cloud.
That controls the sunray tanks, and should you pull it too far down, all Kadabra would be consumed by heat before I could replace it.
In photo are Nelda San Jose, vice president and general manager of Sunrays Property Management Inc.; Jerry R.
About 6,500 tourists gathered at the temple before dawn to witness the sunrays revealing the features of the beloved pharaoh.
They provide cool shade from the harsh sunrays. Planting trees helps in increasing the green cover of the earth and improves the environment.
Summary: Children who locked up in the car can die of heatstroke if the car is parked in a narrow area or exposed to sunrays.
The Ministry of Labour urged all the relevant establishments that have worksites exposed to sunrays to comply with the above edict to protect their own workers against summertime diseases and potential injuries, including the arrangement of their working hours to ensure smooth workflow in projects and businesses all over the Kingdom’s governorates.
That was before a century-old idea, as old as Rjukan itself, was brought to life: to install mirrors on a 400-metre high peak to deflect sunrays towards the central square.
He said that based on witnesses’ account, Ceres bus 8304 (plate number CEH 994) was chasing another bus, Sunrays, about 10:45 a.m.
SUNRAYS reflected by glass bottles were the highly unusual cause of a house blaze in which four people were lucky to escape unhurt.

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