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إلى دَرَجَةٍ كبيرَهتُسْتَعْمَل للتَّوكيد بمعنى: كهذا، كهذهجِداًجِدّاًشَخص كهذا، شَيءٌ كهذا

takovýtocojako takovýpodobný

sådansådannedemden slags




hvílíkur; svoòaî litla sem; sem slíkuròvílíkur, òess háttarslíkur; svosvo sem; slíkur, òvílíkur, òess háttar



tokio pobūdžiotoks ir toks

kā tādstāds





như loại đónhư thế nàythực sự làvô cùng

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(= of this or that kind) → tel(telle)
such a book → un tel livre, un livre pareil
such books → de tels livres, des livres pareils
there’s no such thing → ça n’existe pas
There’s no such thing as the yeti → Le yéti, ça n’existe pas.
I said no such thing → je n’ai rien dit de tel
some such place → un endroit de ce genre
such as (= like) → tel que(telle), comme
hot countries, such as India → les pays chauds, comme l’Inde, les pays chauds, tels que l’Inde
such … as
such careers as teaching, nursing and hairdressing → des carrières comme l’enseignement, les soins infirmiers et la coiffure, des carrières telles que l’enseignement, les soins infirmiers et la coiffure
(= so much) → tant de
It was written in such detail → C’était écrit avec tant de détails.
such courage → tant de courage
such a
They were making such a noise that → Ils faisaient tant de bruit que …

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(= of that kind)solche(r, s); such a personso or solch ein Mensch, ein solcher Mensch; such a bookso ein Buch, ein solches Buch; such people/bookssolche Leute/Bücher; many/few/all such people/booksviele/wenige/all solche Leute/Bücher; all such books are very expensivesolche Bücher sind sehr teuer; do you have such a book?haben Sie so ein Buch?; such a thingso etwas, so was (inf); have you got such a thing as …?haben Sie so etwas wie …?; there’s such a thing as divorcees gibt so etwas wie eine Scheidung; I said no such thingdas habe ich nie gesagt; no such thingnichts dergleichen; I’ll/you’ll do no such thingich werde mich/du wirst dich hüten; there’s no such thing as a unicornso etwas wie ein Einhorn gibt es nicht; … or some such idea… oder so etwas, … oder so was in der Richtung (inf), → oder so ähnlich; … or some such name/place… oder so (ähnlich); he was such a one/just such anotherer war einer von ihnen/auch (so) einer; in such a casein einem solchen Fall; men/books such as these, such men/books as theseMänner/Bücher wie diese, solche Männer/Bücher; writers such as Agatha Christie, such writers as Agatha Christie(solche) Schriftsteller wie Agatha Christie; he’s not such a fool as you thinker ist nicht so dumm, wie Sie denken; I’m not such a fool as to believe that or that I’d believe thatich bin nicht so dumm or kein solcher Dummkopf, dass ich das glaube; such people as attendeddie(jenigen), die anwesend waren; I’ll give you such books/money as I havewas ich an Büchern/Geld habe, gebe ich Ihnen
(= so much, so great etc) he’s such a liarer ist so or solch ein Lügner, er ist ein derartiger or solcher Lügner; he did it in such a way that …er machte es so, dass …; such wealth!welch (ein) Reichtum!; such beauty!welche Schönheit!; he’s always in such a hurryer hat es immer so eilig
pred his surprise was such that …, such was his surprise that …seine Überraschung war so groß, dass …, er war so überrascht, dass …; his manner was such that …er benahm sich so, dass …; her speech was such that …ihre Rede war so gehalten, dass …

advso, solch (geh); nobody else makes such a good cup of tea as youniemand kocht so guten Tee wie du; it’s such a long time agoes ist so lange her
pron rabbits and hares and suchKaninchen, Hasen und dergleichen; such being the case …in diesem Fall; such was not my intentiondies war nicht meine Absicht; such is not the casedies ist nicht der Fall; such is life!so ist das Leben!; those and such as those (hum inf)die oberen zehntausend (hum); may all such perish!mögen sie alle verderben!; as suchan sich; such as?(wie) zum Beispiel?; such as it isso, wie es nun mal ist; the food, such as there was of it …das Essen, so weit vorhanden …, was an Essen da war, …; I’ll give you such as I haveich gebe Ihnen, was ich habe

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1. predeterminer, determiner

d. such as (introducing examples) → come
such a man as you, a man such as you → un uomo come te
such writers as Updike, writers such as Updike → scrittori come Updike
books such as these → libri come questi
such as? → per esempio?
have you got such a thing as a torch? → hai una pila per caso?
2. pron

a. (this, that, those) such as wish to gochi desidera andare
but such is not the case → ma non è questo caso
and such (like) → e così via
I haven’t many, but I’ll give you such as I have → non ho molti, ma ti darò tutti quelli che ho

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(satʃ) adjective

1. of the same kind as that already mentioned or being mentioned. Animals that gnaw, such as mice, rats, rabbits and weasels are called rodents; He came from Bradford or some such place; She asked to see Mr Johnson but was told there was no such person there; I’ve seen several such buildings; I’ve never done such a thing before; doctors, dentists and such people.
2. of the great degree already mentioned or being mentioned. If you had telephoned her, she wouldn’t have got into such a state of anxiety; She never used to get such bad headaches (as she does now).
3. of the great degree, or the kind, to have a particular result. He shut the window with such force that the glass broke; She’s such a good teacher that the headmaster asked her not to leave; Their problems are such as to make it impossible for them to live together any more.
4. used for emphasis. This is such a shock! They have been such good friends to me!


such a person or thing, or such persons or things. I have only a few photographs, but can show you such as I have; This isn’t a good book as such (= as a book) but it has interesting pictures.

ˈsuchlike adjective, pronoun

(things) of the same kind. I don’t like books about love, romance and suchlike (things).

ˈsuch-and-such adjective, pronoun

used to refer to some unnamed person or thing. Let’s suppose that you go into such-and-such a shop and ask for such-and-such.

such as it is

though it scarcely deserves the name. You can borrow our lawn mower, such as it is.

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جِداً, جِدّاً, كَهَذا tak, takový, sådan, sådanne so, solch, solcher τέτοιος, τόσο así, tal, tan niin, sellainen si, tel takav, tako come, simile, tale そのような, そんなに, とても 그런, 그렇게, 너무나~한 zoiets, zo’n, zulk, zulke , slik taki tal, tão такой, тому подобный, sådan เช่นนั้น, เช่นนี้, อย่างมาก böyle, böylesine như loại đó, như thế này, thực sự là, vô cùng 如此, 这样, 这样的, 那样

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a. tal, semejante;

in ___ manneren ___ forma.

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