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 (stĕr′oid′, stîr′-)


1. Any of numerous fat-soluble organic compounds that have a core structure of 17 carbon atoms arranged in four rings, found naturally in animals, plants, and fungi, or produced synthetically. Steroids include the sterols (such as cholesterol), sex hormones (such as estrogen and testosterone), corticosteroid hormones (such as cortisol), bile acids, and anabolic steroids.

2. Informal An anabolic steroid.


on steroids

In a very large, enhanced, or exaggerated form: “a weapon one observer had called an M16 on steroids” (Stephen Coonts).

ste′roid′, ste·roi′dal (stĕ-roid′l, stĭ-) adj.

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Adj. 1. steroidal – of or relating to steroid hormones or their effects

nonsteroidal – not steroidal or not having the effects of steroid hormones

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