definition of splatter by The Free Dictionary

Hearing a splatter of musketry from the distance, he wondered indifferently if those men sometimes slept.
“A healthy young slip of a gale from the breath iv it, sir,” he answered, “with a splatter iv rain just to wet our gills an’ no more.”
When Daughtry opened it, the ancient one blew in upon him along with a gusty wet splatter of the freshening gale.
The afternoon had been dull and cloudy and now as he was passing through a narrow gorge a few great drops of rain began to splatter upon his naked shoulders.
A splattered stain, raying like the shadow of a bursting bomb, witnessed where a hurled glass or bottle had splintered with its contents against the wall.
Oakley’s new wave eyewear art is a pure expression of pop color called Splatter Collection.
Suddenly, a commercial appeared, heralded by an announcer screaming, “Splatter Screen!” We collapsed in laughter because just two words summarized the movie, never mind that they turned out to be an advertisement for a kitchen tool.
Delta ShieldSpray Technology delivers a simple yet practical solution to clean with laser-like precision while containing mess and splatter. A powerful spray within a protective sphere of water clears away mess with an average of 90 percent less splatter than a standard spray, decreasing time spent cleaning in the kitchen.
It didn’t splatter, and resulted in stronger, less brittle and even crispier slices.
Pictured, LS splatter print on stretch chambray shirt, PS65, BOOST YOUR ENERGY LEVELS WHO couldn’t do with a bit more energy these days?
Pictured, LS splatter print on stretch chambray shirt, PS65, WHO couldn’t do with a bit more energy these days?
Daniel Bowmont told the jury he found bloody foot marks on the path outside the property; blood smears which indicated someone with heavily blood-stained hands had opened the front door; significant blood stains on the floor of the hallway, blood stains on the walls; “a large area of pooled blood” on the kitchen floor; “heavy blood staining” on the kitchen work surfaces and blood splatter on cupboards and the cooker.

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