definition of spirt by The Free Dictionary

The signal is given, and seven hundred guns begin a conversation fit to make the blood spirt from your ears.
With that, they walk again; she, making those angry spirts in the sand; he, dragging that dejected tail.
For not only I knew no word of the Gaelic; but what with the long suspense of the waiting, and the scurry and strain of our two spirts of fighting, and more than all, the horror I had of some of my own share in it, the thing was no sooner over than I was glad to stagger to a seat.
Indeed, some ladies had gone so far as to assert, that the dark gentleman was actually a portrait of the spirted young proprietor; and the great similarity between their head-dresses–both wore very glossy hair, with a narrow walk straight down the middle, and a profusion of flat circular curls on both sides–encouraged the idea.
They comes out about twice or three times a week, and spirts a mile alongside of us.”
He spirted it into Mr Flintwinch’s face when the old man advanced to take it, and held forth his hand, repeating noisily, ‘Pay it!
SSGC will keep continue operation against the gas theft with full spirt and dedications he said.
She also said our academia must teach the poetry of Shah Latif to students with its true spirt and message.
From the New World to the city of Amsterdam, down to the slave coast of West Africa, and across the Atlantic Ocean to the slave mart of Charles Town, “Moon Flower” tells the story of Lukas Pietersen’s adventures and his battles with a fearsome evil spirt known as the Wendigo.
US ski racer Lindsey Vonn, winner of the Laureus Spirt of Sport Award kisses her trophy at the 2019 Laureus World Sports Awards, Monday, Feb.
Scotland’s Veterans Minister Graeme Dey has taken up the cause with the DWP and the Ministry of Defence – tin-eared Whitehall departments that break the spirt of the Armed Forces Covenant which places an obligation on all of us to give a little extra help to people who have served and saved us.

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