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specializovat se




specializálja magát

sérhæfa sig í


전문으로 하다

špecializovať sa

specializirati se

specialisera (sig)


chuyên về

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[ˈspɛʃəˌlaɪz] vi to specialize (in)specializzarsi (in)

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(ˈspeʃəl) adjective

1. out of the ordinary; un-usual or exceptional. a special occasion; a special friend.
2. appointed, arranged, designed etc for a particular purpose. a special messenger; a special tool for drilling holes.


something which is special. There’s a special (= a special train) due through here at 5.20.

ˈspecialist noun

a person who makes a very deep study of one branch of a subject or field. Dr Brown is a heart specialist.

speciality (speʃiˈəti) , (American) specialty (ˈspeʃəlti) plurals speciˈalities, ~ˈspecialties noun

1. a special product for which one is well-known. Brown bread is this baker’s speciality.
2. a special activity, or subject about which one has special knowledge. His speciality is physics.

ˈspecialize, ˈspecialise verb

(usually with in) go give one’s attention (to), work (in), or study (a particular job, subject etc). He specializes in fixing computers.

ˌspecialiˈzation, ˌspecialiˈsation nounˈspecialized, ˈspecialised adjective

(of knowledge, skills etc) of the accurate detailed kind obtained by specializing.

ˈspecially adverb

1. with one particular purpose. I picked these flowers specially for you; a splendid cake, specially made for the occasion.
2. particularly; exceptionally. He’s a nice child, but not specially clever.

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يَتَخَصَّصُ specializovat se specialisere spezialisieren ειδικεύομαι especializarse erikoistua se spécialiser specijalizirati specializzarsi 専門にする 전문으로 하다 specialiseren spesialisere wyspecjalizować się especializar-se специализироваться specialisera (sig) เชี่ยวชาญเป็นพิเศษ uzmanlaşmak chuyên về 精通于

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v. especializarse.

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