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His eyes he op’nd, and beheld a field, Part arable and tilth, whereon were Sheaves New reapt, the other part sheep-walks and foulds; Ith’ midst an Altar as the Land-mark stood Rustic, of grassie sord; thither anon A sweatie Reaper from his Tillage brought First Fruits, the green Eare, and the yellow Sheaf, Uncull’d, as came to hand; a Shepherd next More meek came with the Firstlings of his Flock Choicest and best; then sacrificing, laid The Inwards and thir Fat, with Incense strew’d, On the cleft Wood, and all due Rites perform’d.
The iPAQ 4700 synchronises with Extended Systems’ OneBridge e-mail synchronisation server located in Sord‘s premises and provides Willis with access to communication via e-mail.
Elsevier (Philadelphia, PA) will begin the publication of two new journals, including American Journal of Nanomedicine (AJNM) and Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases (SORD), with issues in early 2005.
* Nippon Systemhouse * Nipponcoinco * Nixdorf Computer * Northern Telecom * Ohio Scientific * Okidat * Olivetti * Otari Electric Peripheral Technology * Perkin Elmer * PerSci * Pertec Computer * Philips Data Systems Plus Development * PrairieTek * Priam * Qume * Quantum * Ricoh * Rodime * ROM-CD Rotating Memory Systems * Sagem * Samsung Electronics * Seagate Technology * Seiko Epson * Shinwa Digital Industry * Shugart Associates * Siemens * SLI Industries * Sony Sord Computer * Sperry * Storage Technology * SyQuest Technology * Tandon * Teac Tecstor * Texas Instruments * 3M * Tokico * Tokyo Electric * Toshiba * Toyo Soda * Tulin Unisys * Vermont Research * Vertex * Victro Company of Japan * Western Dynex * Xebec Corporation * YE Data
12 Sord, 14 Varcas, 20 Modrenka, 25 Polebas, 40 Barbaresco, Blin, Charm, Czanka, Ilian, 50 Tavern.
Biand [email protected], ;n a [email protected] pir:m;d, sord q sno-slops v [email protected]:kal.
Other quibbles with the general layout of these scores concern the use of roman type for virtually every word and marking: vocal texts (of course), dynamics, tempo and expression markings, and all kinds of performance indications (con sord., pizz., etc.).
It, along with the Chief of the Land Staff Strategic Operations Resource Direction 2000 (SORD 2000), called for a new direction for equipping the CF while accepting that the CF would not be prepared for the high end of the spectrum of conflict.
The Air Force intends to acquire a system capable of meeti ng requirements established in its System Operational Requirements Document (SORD) 316-88-1A (SECRET), according to a Commerce Business Daily notice dated August 20, 1993.
This is the prettiest low – born lass that ever Ran on the green – sord: nothing she does or seems But smacks of something greater than herself; Too noble for this place.
last year showed that 42% of respondents preferred capsules over any other delivery format (SORD report, 2019),” she said.

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