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v. sold, sell•ing,
n. v.t.

1. to transfer (goods or property) or render (services) in exchange for money.

2. to deal in; keep or offer for sale: to sell insurance.

3. to make a sale or offer for sale to.

4. to persuade or induce to buy.

5. to promote or effect the sale of: Packaging sells many products.

6. to achieve sales of: The record sold a million copies.

7. to cause to be accepted, esp. generally or widely: to sell an idea to the public.

8. to cause or persuade to accept, approve of, or see the value of: to sell the voters on a candidate; to sell oneself at a job interview.

9. to surrender or deliver improperly or dishonorably in return for profit or advantage: to sell one’s soul for power; to sell votes.

10. to betray.

11. to force or exact a price for: They sold their lives dearly.

12. to cheat or hoax.


13. to make a sale of something; transfer goods or property in exchange for money.

14. to offer something for sale.

15. to be offered for sale at the price indicated (fol. by at or for).

16. to engage or be employed in selling something.

17. to promote sales.

18. to be in demand by buyers: On a rainy day, umbrellas really sell.

19. to win acceptance, approval, or adoption: an idea that will sell.

20. sell off, to rid oneself of by selling, esp. at reduced prices: to sell off last year’s designs.

21. sell out,

a. to dispose of entirely by selling.

b. to betray (an associate, principles, a cause, etc.).

c. to betray one’s principles.


22. an act or method of selling.

23. Informal. a cheat; hoax.

[before 900; Middle English (v.), Old English sellan orig., to give, hence, give up (someone) to an enemy, betray, exchange for money, c. Old Frisian sella, Old Saxon sellian, Old High German sellen, Old Norse selja to hand over, deliver, Gothic saljan to sacrifice]

sell′a•ble, adj.

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