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1. easy to dent, work, or cut without shattering; malleable

2. not hard; giving little or no resistance to pressure or weight

3. fine, light, smooth, or fluffy to the touch

4. gentle; tranquil

5. (of music, sounds, etc) low and pleasing

6. (of light, colour, etc) not excessively bright or harsh

7. (of a breeze, climate, etc) temperate, mild, or pleasant

8. (Physical Geography) dialect drizzly or rainy: a soft day; the weather has turned soft.

9. slightly blurred; not sharply outlined: soft focus.

10. (Medicine) (of a diet) consisting of easily digestible foods

11. kind or lenient, often excessively so

12. easy to influence or impose upon

13. prepared to compromise; not doctrinaire: the soft left.

14. informal feeble or silly; simple (often in the phrase soft in the head)

15. unable to endure hardship, esp through too much pampering

16. physically out of condition; flabby: soft muscles.

17. loving; tender: soft words.

18. informal requiring little exertion; easy: a soft job.

19. (Chemistry) chem (of water) relatively free of mineral salts and therefore easily able to make soap lather

20. (Recreational Drugs) (of a drug such as cannabis) nonaddictive or only mildly addictive. Compare hard19

21. (Journalism & Publishing) (of news coverage) concentrating on trivial stories or those with human interest

22. (Broadcasting) (of news coverage) concentrating on trivial stories or those with human interest

23. (Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics

a. an older word for lenis

b. (not in technical usage) denoting the consonants c and g in English when they are pronounced as palatal or alveolar fricatives or affricates (s, /dʒ/, /ʃ/, /ð/, /tʃ/) before e and i, rather than as velar stops (k, g)

c. (in the Slavonic languages) palatalized before a front vowel or a special character (soft sign) written as ь

24. (Military)

a. unprotected against attack: a soft target.

b. military unarmoured, esp as applied to a truck by comparison with a tank

25. (Banking & Finance) finance chiefly US (of prices, a market, etc) unstable and tending to decline

26. (Currencies) (of a currency) in relatively little demand, esp because of a weak balance of payments situation

27. (General Physics) (of radiation, such as X-rays and ultraviolet radiation) having low energy and not capable of deep penetration of materials

28. (General Physics) physics (of valves or tubes) only partially evacuated

29. related to the performance of non-specific, undefinable tasks: soft skills such as customer services and office support.

30. soft on soft about

a. gentle, sympathetic, or lenient towards

b. feeling affection or infatuation for

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