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a. Work that is done for others as an occupation or business: has done service for us as a consultant.

b. The performance of work or duties for a superior or as a servant: found the butler’s service to be excellent.

c. An act or a variety of work done for others, especially for pay: offers a superior service to that of his competitors; provides full catering services.


a. Assistance; help: was of great service to him during his illness.

b. An act of assistance or benefit; a favor: My friend did me a service in fixing the door.


a. The serving of food or the manner in which it is served: The service was good, but the food was lousy.

b. A set of dishes or utensils: a silver tea service.


a. Employment in duties or work for another, as for a government: has been in the company’s service for 15 years.

b. A government branch or department and its employees: the diplomatic service.

c. A department or branch of a hospital staff that provides specified patient care: the anesthesiology service.


a. The armed forces of a nation: joined the service right after college.

b. A branch of the armed forces of a nation.


a. The installation, maintenance, or repairs provided or guaranteed by a dealer or manufacturer: a dealer with full parts and service.

b. The provision to the public of something, especially a utility: a town without sewer service.

c. The system or equipment used to provide something to the public: The electrical service was damaged in the storm.

7. Sports

a. The right of serving in many court games.

b. A serve: Her first service hit the net.

8. A religious rite or formal ceremony: held services in the evening; a memorial service.

9. Copulation with a female animal. Used of male animals, especially studs.

10. Law The serving of a legal process, such as a summons or court order.

11. The material, such as cord, used in binding or wrapping rope.

12. An answering service.

tr.v. ser·viced, ser·vic·ing, ser·vic·es

1. To make fit for use; adjust, repair, or maintain: service a car.

2. To provide services to: That cable company services most households in the area.

3. To make interest payments on (a debt).


a. To copulate with (a female animal). Used of a male animal, especially studs.

b. Slang To have sex with.


1. Of or relating to the armed forces of a country.

2. Intended for use in supplying or serving: a service elevator; the service entrance.

3. Offering repairs or maintenance: a service guarantee; a road service area.

4. Offering services to the public in response to need or demand: a service industry.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin servitium, slavery, from servus, slave.]

Usage Note: The verb service is used principally in the sense “to repair or maintain”: service the washing machine. Exceptions to this usage include specialized senses in finance (service a debt) and animal breeding (service a mare). Serve means “to supply goods or services to,” as in One radio network serves three states.

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