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separathver for sig




sér; hvor/hver í sínu lagi




var för sig


riêng rẽ

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(ˈsepəreit) verb

1. (sometimes with into or from) to place, take, keep or force apart. He separated the money into two piles; A policeman tried to separate the men who were fighting.
2. to go in different directions. We all walked along together and separated at the cross-roads.
3. (of a husband and wife) to start living apart from each other by choice.

(-rət) adjective

1. divided; not joined. He sawed the wood into four separate pieces; The garage is separate from the house.
2. different or distinct. This happened on two separate occasions; I like to keep my job and my home life separate.

ˈseparateness noun

ˈseparable adjective

that can be separated.

ˈseparately (-rət-) adverb

in a separate way; not together.

ˈseparates (-rəts) noun plural

garments (eg jerseys, skirts, trousers, blouses, shirts) that can be worn together in varying combinations.

ˌsepaˈration noun

1. the act of separating or the state or period of being separated. They were together again after a separation of three years.
2. a (legal) arrangement by which a husband and wife remain married but live separately.

ˈseparatist (-rə-) noun

a person who urges separation from an established political state, church etc.

ˈseparatism noun

separate off

to make or keep (a part or parts) separate.

separate out

to make or keep separate or distinct.

separate up (often with into)

to divide. The house has been separated up into different flats.

separate is spelt with -ar- (not -er-).

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بِصُورَةٍ مُنْفَصِلَة zvlášť separat getrennt χωριστά separadamente erikseen séparément odvojeno separatamente 別々に 분리하여 apart separat oddzielnie separadamente отдельно var för sig อย่างแยกออกจากกัน ayrı olarak riêng rẽ 分开

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