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Scatalogical content is a staple in satirical and parodic verse, where the pseudo-shocking notion that female bodies, too, engage in excremental activity is a conventional revelation.
They said the European drawings use less words, have a greater variety of styles and shapes, and are more scatalogical, among other things.
Burton was aware of this philosophical mendacity and wrote on January 10, 1969: “The more I read about man and his maniacal ruthlessness and his murdering, envious, scatalogical soul, the more I realise he will never change.
Irony is that, offshore, many fests that showed Ning’s two previous features may think twice before taking this rambunctious, scatalogical crimer–a shame, as this audience-pleaser works best on a bigscreen rather than homevid.
This seventy-work retrospective places the artist’s last pieces alongside reprises of two major London solo shows, in 1986 and 1994, to trace her journey from an allegorical, decorative postmodernism to exuberantly scatalogical yet sensual sculpture.
The Farrelly brothers hit the box-office jackpot with a scatalogical comedy carefully calculated to shock.
While the most celebrated cases usually involve judgments based on extrinsic variants between multiple-copy texts, we must put under this heading anything from expurgation based on socially sensitive material (as in Bennett and Smithers’s decision to replace the scatalogical passages of the “Owl and the Nightingale” with lacunae (see Early Middle English Verse and Prose [Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1966]), to the introduction of modern punctuation, ubiquitous in modern editions of Middle English even when the Middle English text faces a modern translation (see for example William Vantuono’s omnibus edition of the Cotton Nero A.x.
Two words – “gnome” and “laughing” – normally do the trick and there were a myriad of misfirings before he finally hit paydirt in 1969 with Space Oddity, a record which pulled in his scatalogical dalliances with mime, Tibetan Buddhism, cinema and pop art under one roof.
It’s all here: the cheerful obscenities, the scatalogical observations, and the general horniness of the men.
You can guarantee when there is something slightly risque or scatalogical in a book, a child will love it.
“Scary Movie 4” finds horror parody overshadowed by ho-hum groin blows, C-fist celebrity cameos, slapstick child abuse, soon-to-be-forgotten hip-hop personalities, plus scatalogical and gay jokes; real laughs are few.
Cast aside in a corner, oversize flat boxes held scatalogical paintings with donurlike impressions and circlings (Hermann Nitsch rescues tired David Reed).

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