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sự an toàn

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safety buoy

n (Naut) → Rettungsboje f

safety car

n (Motor Racing) → Sicherheitsauto nt

safety catch

n (on gun) → (Abzugs)sicherung f, → Sicherungsbügel m; was the safety on/off?war das Gewehr gesichert/entsichert?
safety chain

nSicherheitskette f

safety expert

nSicherheitsexperte m, → Sicherheitsexpertin f

safety margin

nSicherheitsmarge f

safety match

nSicherheitszündholz nt

safety net

nSprung- or Sicherheitsnetz nt
safety rope

nSicherungsseil nt

safety shot

n (Snooker) → Safety m

safety standards

plSicherheitsnormen pl

safety switch

n (Elec etc) → Sicherheitsschalter m

safety technology

nSicherheitstechnik f

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(seif) adjective

1. (negative unsafe) protected, or free (from danger etc). The children are safe from danger in the garden.
2. providing good protection. You should keep your money in a safe place.
3. unharmed. The missing child has been found safe and well.
4. not likely to cause harm. These pills are safe for children.
5. (of a person) reliable. a safe driver; He’s a very fast driver but he’s safe enough.

ˈsafeness nounˈsafely adverb

without harm or risk. He got home safely.

ˈsafety noun

the state of being safe. I worry about the children’s safety on these busy roads; a place of safety; (also adjective) safety goggles; safety helmet.

ˈsafeguard noun

anything that gives security or protection. a safeguard against burglary.


to protect. Put a good lock on your door to safeguard your property.

ˈsafety-belt nounsafety lamp

a type of lamp used in mines that does not set fire to any inflammable gases there.

ˈsafety measures noun plural

They took safety measures to prevent another accident

ˈsafety-pin noun

a pin that has a cover over its point when it is closed.

safety valve

a valve eg on a pressure cooker that opens if the pressure of the steam in it becomes too great.

be on the safe side

to avoid risk or danger. I’ll lock the door just to be on the safe side.

safe and sound

unharmed. He returned safe and sound.

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سَلامَة bezpečí sikkerhed Sicherheit ασφάλεια seguridad turvallisuus sécurité sigurnost sicurezza 安全 안전 veiligheid sikkerhet bezpieczeństwo segurança безопасность säkerhet ความปลอดภัย güvenlik sự an toàn 安全

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n. seguridad, protección;

___ pinimperdible.

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n seguridad f

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