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 (săs′ər-dōt′l-ĭz′əm, săk′-)


The belief that priests act as mediators between God and humans.

sac′er·do′tal·ist n.

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1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the principles, methods, etc, of the priesthood

2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the belief that ordained priests are endowed with sacramental and sacrificial powers

3. (Ecclesiastical Terms) exaggerated respect for priests

4. (Ecclesiastical Terms) derogatory power over people’s opinions and actions achieved by priests through sophistry or guile

ˌsacerˈdotalist n

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(ˌsæs ərˈdoʊt lˌɪz əm)


the system, spirit, or methods of the priesthood.


sac`er•do′tal•ist, n.

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the system, practices, or principles underlying the priesthood. — sacerdotal, n., adj.

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Noun 1. sacerdotalism – a belief that priests can act as mediators between human beings and God

belief – any cognitive content held as true

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