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přijímačsluchátkorozhlasový přijímačkonkurzní správcelikvidátor


saajavastaanottajapuhelimen luuri



hylmari, òjófsnauturmagnarimóttökutækisímtólskiptastjóri



konkurzný správcaprechovávač




người quản lý tài sảnống nghe điện thoại


[rɪˈsiːvəʳ] N

1. (= recipient) [of gift, letter] → destinatario/a m/f; [of stolen goods] → comerciante mf (de artículos robados) (Psych) → receptor(a) m/f
4. (= liquidator) (also official receiver) → síndico/a m/f
to call in the receiver(s)entrar en liquidación

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[rɪˈsiːvər] n

[stolen goods] → receleur/euse m/f

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(of letter, goods)Empfänger(in) m(f); (esp Brit Jur: of stolen property) → Hehler(in) m(f)

(Tennis) → Rückschläger(in) m(f)

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[rɪˈsiːvəʳ] n

a. (gen) → persona che riceve qualcosa; (of letter) → destinatario/a; (of stolen goods) → ricettatore/trice
(official) receiver (liquidator) → curatore m fallimentare

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(rəˈsiːv) verb

1. to get or be given. He received a letter; They received a good education.
2. to have a formal meeting with. The Pope received the Queen in the Vatican.
3. to allow to join something. He was received into the group.
4. to greet, react to, in some way. The news was received in silence; The townspeople received the heroes with great cheers.
5. to accept (stolen goods) especially with the intention of reselling (them).

reˈceiver noun

1. the part of a telephone which is held to one’s ear.
2. an apparatus for receiving radio or television signals.
3. a person who receives stolen goods.
4. a person who is appointed to take control of the business of someone who has gone bankrupt.
5. a stereo amplifier with a built-in radio.

receive is spelt with -ei-.

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سَمَّاعَةُ التِّلِفُون, مُسْتَلِم likvidátor, sluchátko modtager Empfänger, Hörer αποδέκτης, δέκτης receptor puhelimen luuri, saaja administrateur judiciaire, récepteur prijemnik, primatelj curatore fallimentare, ricevitore 受信機, 受取人 수령인, 수신기 curator, hoorn mottaker, telefonrør odbiorca, odbiornik recebedor, receptor, recetor получатель, телефонная трубка mottagare, telefonlur ผู้ได้รับ, อุปกรณ์รับสัญญานเสียงหรือภาพ alıcı, tasfiye memuru người quản lý tài sản, ống nghe điện thoại 接受器, 破产管理人

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