definition of provide by The Free Dictionary

provide – give something useful or necessary to; “We provided the room with an electrical heater”

hydrate – supply water or liquid to in order to maintain a healthy balance; “the bicyclists must be hydrated frequently”
charge – energize a battery by passing a current through it in the direction opposite to discharge; “I need to charge my car battery”
date – provide with a dateline; mark with a date; “She wrote the letter on Monday but she dated it Saturday so as not to reveal that she procrastinated”
feed – feed into; supply; “Her success feeds her vanity”
calk – provide with calks; “calk horse shoes”
give – transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody; “I gave her my money”; “can you give me lessons?”; “She gave the children lots of love and tender loving care”
fund – provide a fund for the redemption of principal or payment of interest
stint, scant, skimp – supply sparingly and with restricted quantities; “sting with the allowance”
terrace, terrasse – provide (a house) with a terrace; “We terrassed the country house”
dado – provide with a dado; “The owners wanted to dado their dining room”
innervate – supply nerves to (some organ or body part)
offer – make available or accessible, provide or furnish; “The conference center offers a health spa”; “The hotel offers private meeting rooms”
extend, offer – make available; provide; “extend a loan”; “The bank offers a good deal on new mortgages”
stock – provide or furnish with a stock of something; “stock the larder with meat”
buy in, stock up, stock – amass so as to keep for future use or sale or for a particular occasion or use; “let’s stock coffee as long as prices are low”
caption – provide with a caption, as of a photograph or a drawing
tube – provide with a tube or insert a tube into
ticket – provide with a ticket for passage or admission; “Ticketed passengers can board now”
stock – supply with livestock; “stock a farm”
stock – supply with fish; “stock a lake”
rim – furnish with a rim; “rim a hat”
fret – provide (a musical instrument) with frets; “fret a guitar”
step – furnish with steps; “The architect wants to step the terrace”
rail – provide with rails; “The yard was railed”
grate – furnish with a grate; “a grated fireplace”
capitalise, capitalize – supply with capital, as of a business by using a combination of capital used by investors and debt capital provided by lenders
alphabetize – provide with an alphabet; “Cyril and Method alphabetized the Slavic languages”
wharf – provide with a wharf; “Wharf the mouth of the river”
air-cool, air-condition – equip with an apparatus for controlling the humidity and temperature; “Our house is not air-conditioned”
uniform – provide with uniforms; “The guards were uniformed”
railroad – supply with railroad lines; “railroad the West”
subtitle – supply (a movie) with subtitles
headline – provide (a newspaper page or a story) with a headline
match – provide funds complementary to; “The company matched the employees’ contributions”
wive – provide with a wife; marry (someone) to a wife
victual – supply with food; “The population was victualed during the war”
heat – provide with heat; “heat the house”
seat – provide with seats; “seat a concert hall”
seat – put a seat on a chair
ramp – furnish with a ramp; “The ramped auditorium”
arm – supply with arms; “The U.S. armed the freedom fighters in Afghanistan”
glass, glaze – furnish with glass; “glass the windows”
causeway – provide with a causeway; “A causewayed swamp”
bush – provide with a bushing
brattice – supply with a brattice, to ventilate mines
furnish – provide or equip with furniture; “We furnished the house in the Biedermeyer style”
slat – equip or bar with slats; “Slat the windows”
berth – provide with a berth
bed – furnish with a bed; “The inn keeper could bed all the new arrivals”
costume – furnish with costumes; as for a film or play

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