definition of proscriptive by The Free Dictionary

It is not prescriptive or even proscriptive. It does not cut out any category of food, like carbohydrates or fats, nor does it deprive people of their favourite foods, including sweet treats.
Clare Quartermaine, of Scapegoat Hill, and creative director of Elland-based vintage clothing websites The House of Foxy and Pretty Retro, reveals the Government was so proscriptive that clothes manufactured during this era had to carry the distinctive CC41 label stitched inside them.
They show how efforts to regulate or ban abortion have never been only about protecting unborn life, but have also been aimed at managing women’s bodies while preserving the state’s power to inscribe gender and racialized norms into law, arguing that these socially constructed composites of women have moved 19th-century proscriptive norms into the contemporary regret narrative.
“We were thinking a little bit wider and with a little more breadth, while they were more proscriptive and regulatory,” he said.
“I wouldn’t want to be proscriptive and say that you can only have buildings of a certain height,” he added.
MI can be brief, and can be more helpful than providing only proscriptive advice, which sometimes can be counterproductitive.
The dominant view in Australian law appears to be that fiduciary duties are only proscriptive, and never prescriptive.
Shrock is more scholarly, is less proscriptive in his interpretation of primary source evidence, and delves deeper into his subjects.
The DUP leader said: “I’m not going to be proscriptive with the Government.”
This violates the Constitution which provides that “no member of the armed forces in the active service shall, at any time, be appointed or designated in any capacity to a civilian position in the government, including government-owned or controlled corporations or any of their subsidiaries.” The word “no” signifies its proscriptive nature while “shall” highlights the constitution’s imperative command.
Canadian regulation tends to be proscriptive and forward looking, providing jurisdictional utilities with a reasonable opportunity to earn their authorized returns on equity.
Optometrist and AOP clinical advisor, Kevin Wallace, explained: “The new regulations are much less proscriptive. The new system will give the optometrist much more freedom to just do the appropriate tests, rather than following the tick box system we have currently.”

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