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Indeed we are pro-trade and probusiness, provided it is just and doesn’t seek to exploit people and coerce governments from improving the lot of their nations and obeying democratic mandates to do so.
Further, Trump’s probusiness policies rule the day, not FDR’s disastrous New Deal.
To add to the international concerns for investors, Argentina’s probusiness president Mauricio Macri also lost a primary vote, potentially leading the way for a return of predecessor Cristina Kirchner.
Duterte may sound probusiness now, but he could also turn around without warning and be unfriendly to business, as when a new government regulation reflecting his desire may just come out of the blue sans debate, negatively impacting business and investment.
“The movement will be encouraging anybody [to join] who is aligned with our positions, which are probusiness, pro-Ireland, pro-developing and expanding the infrastructure in rural Ireland.”
He added the midterm elections are likewise a vote of support not only for President Duterte’s fast-track rollout of the ‘Build, Build, Build’ program, on which his high-growth agenda is anchored, but support as well for his foreign policy rebalancing that has enabled the government to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in official development assistance (ODA) for the anti-poverty and probusiness programs from the country’s regional partners Japan, China and South Korea.
CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond revealed his Autumn Budget on Monday – which was praised as being ‘probusiness.’.
Excessive complacency followed by a combination of protectionism, probusiness ideology, and ugly nationalism led to catastrophe in 1929 and thereafter.
Marches and rallies were also being held in dozens of other French cities as part of the joint action against Macron’s policies that organisers consider probusiness and “brutal”.
“We decided to move our headquarters from California to Arizona after working closely with the Phoenix Economic Development Council due to its friendly government, probusiness stance, and available technical talent due to a strong semiconductor base.
They were confident that the business community will witness better policies and improved business climate during Saleem Mandviwala’s tenure as Deputy Chairman Senate, which would surely prove helpful in creating a probusiness environment across the country.
Leaders of rival pro-union parties from the ruling conservatives, the probusiness liberals and the socialists joined together under the slogan “We are all Catalonia.

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