definition of polemicist by The Free Dictionary

The list included right-wing radio polemicist Rush Limbaugh, House Speaker Gingrich and presidential hopeful Lamar Alexander, so the competition was tight.
While Belmiro Ventura, a history professor, wishes to write a masterpiece that will immortalize him, Don Julio Martin Aguado, writer and polemicist, creates a political party inspired by the ideas of Ortega y Gasset to save his people.
French journalist and novelist, the most virulent and courageous polemicist of his generation, whose reputation rests on his journalistic work and his vivid memoirs.
Of peasant stock, P eguy became an ardent polemicist for the causes of Catholicism, nationalism, and socialism.
For most of his life he was a political polemicist. A UNESCO report on the theoretical origins of Nazism, published in 1955, said that the vitriolically anti-Semitic writings of Frantz anticipated Nazi ideology.
As a politician and a polemicist, he was a man of unequivocal statements and drastic distinctions, but ultimately his thought betrays “a deep inner consistency” between his earlier and later journalism and, most important, his Zionist philosophy and his art embodied to the fullest in his Russian novels, which brings to mind the famous formula by which one Russian Jew, the writer Viktor Shklovsky, identified the Russian Jew and writer Ilya Ehrenburg: “Saul failed to become Paul.
Focusing on Hugo’s Les Chatiments, Les Miserables, and Napoleon le petit, VanderWolk (Romance languages, Bowdoin) argues that Hugo was an important historian of his time, a polemicist and prophet whose version of the future proved to be more lasting than those accepted during the Second Empire.
The first, Boston Bohemia 1881-1900, chronicled Cram’s surprisingly varied early career as writer, historian, medievalist, architect, Japanophile, critic and polemicist (often in the high Anglican interest).
With the hallmark of all truly great satirists, the diminutive guitar-wielding polemicist already had songs in his hour-long repertoire about Steven Gerrard’s on-off move to Chelsea and the terrorist bombs in London last week.
I don’t think the knock on Moore is that he is a strident polemicist: It’s that he is a liar.
The volume opens with an exemplary essay by Elizabeth Clark that combines intellectual with medical and gender history to look at the debate between Augustine and the Pelagian polemicist Julian of Eclanum.
As a polemicist, Frum wants to launch conservative policies in the new century.

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