definition of Plebian by The Free Dictionary

It is well known that in the Roman republic the legislative authority, in the last resort, resided for ages in two different political bodies not as branches of the same legislature, but as distinct and independent legislatures, in each of which an opposite interest prevailed: in one the patrician; in the other, the plebian. Many arguments might have been adduced to prove the unfitness of two such seemingly contradictory authorities, each having power to ANNUL or REPEAL the acts of the other.
She was a large, sleek, gray-and-white cat, with an enormous dignity which was not at all impaired by any consciousness of her plebian origin.
IN MARCH 1843, while the Daily Plebian was hawking Parr’s Life Pills, Congress finished mulling over an interesting proposition.
My tastes were pretty plebian and reflected the tastes of many other straight American males of my generation.
Spinning tales of great adventure and tribulation, Williamson captured the imaginations of “plebian Britons” while also challenging the social and racial castes of Scottish hierarchy (7).
Members of Teachers Dignity Coalition, Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM), Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), and Sanlakas marched to Bonifacio Shrine near Manila City Hall Friday to commemorate the birth of the plebian hero.
He simply told the journalist, ‘but the people can see what we are doing.’ He seems not to understand that the man on the street is like the plebian, who is susceptible to the sights and sounds out there.
The Philippines has martyrs by the millions: the poor, the plebian martyr.
Sharma Oli’s ongoing China visit had been relegated from a majestic ‘state visit’ status to the more plebian one of ‘official visit’.
Think, to take a plebian example, of modern auto tires or, of course, the amazing power of the modern smartphone, owned now even by the plebes.
While Her Majesty’s favorite spy need not fret about such plebian issues as the cost of his service pistol, those of us who live out here in the Real World might be given pause.
Absent such shows of plebian power, the needs of common men had few ways to enter (34) into the calculus of political decision, few ways of being heard at all.

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