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An honest and natural slum dialect is more tolerable than the attempt of a phonetically untaught person to imitate the vulgar dialect of the golf club; and I am sorry to say that in spite of the efforts of our Academy of Dramatic Art, there is still too much sham golfing English on our stage, and too little of the noble English of Forbes Robertson.
Lai writes Hang’s dialogue phonetically, and it may take readers a while to acclimate before they can easily understand her.
In all, five movies, namely My Paparotti, Confession of Murder, The Fatal Encounter, Jongju (phonetically spelled) and Wonderful Nightmare will be showcased during the festival.
The EUIPO said that Messi and Massi were almost identical visually and phonetically and some would find it difficult to the tell the two apart, but the court disagreed.
“At first, we thought that maybe he’d just memorised them but he is able to sound out words phonetically as well.”
The New Taipei City will feature three slogans in calligraphy that are a play on words with the character (wang), which in Mandarin phonetically imitates the sound of a dog barking, but also means prosperity.
All the anecdotes about her time at The Everyman were delivered in cut-glass Liverpudlian, recounting the ways the staff would help her sound like a local by writing her scripts out phonetically and the hilarity which ensued every time it was announced someone had gone “up The Cracke” for a pint.
Under the guidance of coach Osian Roberts, the young players learn the ‘Welsh Way’ of playing, are encouraged to sing the national anthem, taught it phonetically if necessary, learn about its history and that of the shirts they are wearing.
“That’s one of my favorite signs,” said Rabbi Michael Strassfeld, pointing out that the English word “floor” is spelled phonetically in Yiddish letters.
Children are still at the start of working out which words they just have to know (tricky) and those which they can work out phonetically. The app contains a mixture of tricky words and words that can be spelt phonetically often mixed within one level.
She recently added to her hip tattoo, which phonetically says “sanity.” Jenner sat down with jet setting tattoo artist Rafael Valdez Sunday and asked him to add the word “before” in front of her scarlet ink on Snapchat, ( Us Weekly wrote. She hasn’t shared a picture of the final product.
For Spanish speakers who want to learn or teach English phonetics and phonology at universities and teacher training institutes, or wanting to improve their English pronunciation and skills in transcribing English phonetically, this textbook outlines key concepts of English phonetics and phonology.

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