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Thus, the present results are concordant with that obtained from the chromosomal, morphological and penial study and support the recent hypothesis of occurrence of new species in N.
A classification of the penial microselae of Gonyleptoidea (Opiliones: Laniatores).
Jesse Jackson and activist Harry Belafonte (Penial 2013).
We allowed females to copulate only once; to be considered a successful copulation, the intromission of the penial sheath into the female pallial cavity should last a minimum of three hours (Burela and Martin.
Abbreviations: ag, albumen gland; ds, dart sac; ep, epiphallus; go, genital orifice; mb, mucus bulb; mg, mucus gland; prm, penial retractor muscle; pt, prostate gland; ut, uterus; vd, vas deferens; ve, verge; others as in Table 6.
Kelley (1996), Penial Joseph (2000), Nikhil Pal Singh (2004), and Jacquelyn Dowd Hall (2005) have stressed the historical and political problems associated with collapsing the short Civil Rights Movement (1954-1965)–sometimes called the King Years, the Heroic Years, or the “classical” phase–with the variety and complexity of the Long Civil Rights Movement, a figuration that acknowledges civil rights energies from the New Deal era of the 1930s to the ascendancy of Black Power thinking in the 1970s.
By the absence of typhlosole and penial setae and by the presence of free lamellae in the esophagus of 11 and 12, P.
Anti-aging -like objectives, crease reduction, increase in collegen manufacturing, deals with penial gland, treats headaches, treats depression, Deals with PMJ Conditions (Dental), could deal with sinus problems such as sinus infections, sinus blockage, and a lot more.
Anti-aging -like purposes, wrinkle reduction, increase in collegen manufacturing, deals with penial gland, deals with headaches, treats depression, Treats PMJ Problems (Oral), could deal with sinus issues such as sinus infections, sinus congestion, and a lot more.

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