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لابِسٌ قُبَّعَه


med skygge


meî skyggni

so štítom

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[ˈpiːkt] adj [cap] → à visièrepeak-hour [ˈpiːkˈaʊər] adj [traffic] → de pointepeak hours npl (= rush hour) → heures fpl d’affluencepeak period npériode f de pointepeak rate nplein tarif m
You pay the peak rate for calls at this time of day → On paie le plein tarif quand on appelle à cette heure-ci.
to be charged at peak rate [phone call] → être facturé(e) au plein tarifpeak season nhaute saison f
in peak season → en haute saisonpeak time n

(for traffic, train services)heures fpl de pointepeak-time [ˌpiːkˈtaɪm] adj

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cap, helmet etcspitz

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(piːk) noun

1. the pointed top of a mountain or hill. snow-covered peaks.
2. the highest, greatest, busiest etc point, time etc. He was at the peak of his career.
3. the front part of a cap which shades the eyes. The boy wore a cap with a peak.


to reach the highest, greatest, busiest etc point, time etc. Prices peaked in July and then began to fall.

peaked adjective

having a peak. a peaked cap.

ˈpeaky adjective

looking pale and unhealthy. You look peaky today.

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