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Shopping in Blackstable was not a simple matter; for dissent, helped by the fact that the parish church was two miles from the town, was very common; and it was necessary to deal only with churchgoers; Mrs.
(Lock or Deputy Lock, it’s all one, while the t’other man’s in the hospital.) What’s your Parish?’
For a long time after it was ushered into this world of sorrow and trouble, by the parish surgeon, it remained a matter of considerable doubt whether the child would survive to bear any name at all; in which case it is somewhat more than probable that these memoirs would never have appeared; or, if they had, that being comprised within a couple of pages, they would have possessed the inestimable merit of being the most concise and faithful specimen of biography, extant in the literature of any age or country.
“Then the affairs of your parish are neglected–and I am to blame!” she said.
Parish business, sir, and a goodish long trot before it’s all done for a man at my age.
Fortunately for him, Highbury, including Randalls in the same parish, and Donwell Abbey in the parish adjoining, the seat of Mr.
But I hope you like your new parish; and that I may congratulate you on the acquisition?’
“‘Take a lodging near a large parish church, in a remote part of London’– (this is my friend’s advice)–‘go to the clerk, tell him you want to be married by banns, and say you belong to that parish.
Blick before Your Reverence come into the parish, and been at the ringin’ o’ every bell, and the diggin’ o’ every grave, and sung i’ the choir long afore Bartle Massey come from nobody knows where, wi’ his counter-singin’ and fine anthems, as puts everybody out but himself–one takin’ it up after another like sheep a-bleatin’ i’ th’ fold.
Mrs Deborah is introduced into the parish with a simile.
Macey, clerk of the parish, shook his head, and asked if anybody was ever known to go off in a fit and not fall down.
“Yes, sir,” said I; “him too; late of this parish.”

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