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تَمَرُّد، عِصْيانيَتَمَرَّد، يَعْصى

vzpouravzbouřit se

gøre mytterimytteri


gera uppreisnuppreisn

maištasmaištininkassukelti maištą


uporupreti se

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(ˈmjuːtini) plural ˈmutinies noun

(a) refusal to obey one’s senior officers in the navy or other armed services. There has been a mutiny on HMS Tigress; The sailors were found guilty of mutiny.


(of sailors etc) to refuse to obey commands from those in authority. The sailors mutinied because they did not have enough food.

mutiˈneer noun

a person who mutinies.

ˈmutinous adjective

mutinous sailors.

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