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She, a monogamist, regretted the cessation of some of life’s innocent odours; he, whose instincts were polygamous, felt morally braced by the change, and less liable to the temptations that had assailed him in the past.
figure By JOAN THATIAH Ihave lots of respect for the serial monogamist. You know, that man or woman who is always in a relationship but with only one person at a time?
Nevertheless, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich notes that Mormons rejected the association of polygamy with male sexuality to the point that “a man who married multiple wives in order to indulge his lascivious impulse was as guilty of adultery as a monogamist who strayed from his marital vows.” In fact, during the Nauvoo period sex appears to not have been a common element of plural marriages.
“I’m like a serial monogamist. I think it’s cause I’m deeply insecure.
Among monogamists, 52% of males and 48% of females had had sex with a friend (FWB relationship) while 42% of monogamist males and 31% of monogamist females had had sex with at least one acquaintance or stranger (“casual hookup”) (see Table 5B).
Internal controversies too weakened the movement, particularly well-publicized battles concerning the issue of “free love.” To Wilburn, an advocate of sexual purity and herself an “old maid,” free love meant no more than equality and freedom for women: “Let woman be free; and she will be what God ordained and Nature desired, a beautiful loving being, full of holy sympathies and boundless aspirations.” (30) For others, though, and particularly for the outspoken Spiritualist radical, Victoria Woodhull, free love meant exactly that: “sexual freedom for all people–freedom for the monogamist to practice monogamy, for the varietist [polyamorist] to be a varietist still, for the promiscuous to remain promiscuous.” (31)
A serial monogamist in Saudi Arabia turned himself into such a terrible companion to his wives that four of them asked for a divorce (khul) over a period of three years.
He’s been mostly a serial monogamist but is determined to sow his oats before getting into his next long term relationship.”
The word Priyanka used for herself in the interview to explain her single status was serial monogamist. Given the absence of too many rumours about her, that might very well be an accurate label.
Those years landed me here, in my late 40s, a lifelong serial monogamist, often hopelessly single and definitely not the marrying kind.
She said: “I’m kind of a serial monogamist. I’ve not been in 60 different relationships but then I’ve been lucky at the right time.
Chris is a serial monogamist who is out of touch with how this has come about, exactly.

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