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Many of my Facebook friends still use MapQuest (, which allows users to drag and change their route and to search for amenities along the way including hotels and even libraries.
Under this partnership, financial details of which were not available, MapQuest users will now have access to TomTom’s extensive digital map database, across all digital platforms including and its smartphone and tablet iOS and Android apps.
(7) has a page that allows flyers to view airport area street maps.
The company purchased in February for $315 million, bringing along founder Arianna Huffington as AOL vice president of content, giving her supervision of the Patch operation along with all the other AOL areas (which include and
According to, it’s 1,222 miles from The Register-Guard offices on Chad Drive in Eugene to University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.
People visit about 2.5 times a month, but MapQuest’s goal is to become part of people’s daily lives, Dwyer said.
We believe that a multitude of online map companies and navigation players, from global leaders like to the smaller ones, will now open up to landmark-intelligence.
At MapQuest, he led the web development for, with 50 million monthly visitors, B2B API products and mobile navigation products.
Go online to the home page of Our anchor, or starting point, will be the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
The new version also offers: Job History, which stores jobs in the same way the Quote History stores estimates; Customizable Job Ticket, a new, customizable report that is exported to Excel; optional Request A Quote capabilities, a customizable Web form that allows customers to request a quote through a printer’s Web site; link to for directions to include with shipping manifest reports.
Historically this so-called “location intelligence” has been limited to specialized mapping software, geographic information systems (GIS) and the engines used to power Web mapping services from companies like Google ( and MapQuest (

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