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“That’s the very thing,” said Don Quixote; “though I am relieved from looking for the name of an imaginary shepherdess, for there’s the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso, the glory of these brooksides, the ornament of these meadows, the mainstay of beauty, the cream of all the graces, and, in a word, the being to whom all praise is appropriate, be it ever so hyperbolical.”
Reasons of his own; that’s the mainstay; as between man and man.
The foresail went over with a bang, and the foregaff stabbed and ripped through the stay-sail, which, was of course, prevented from going over by the mainstay. They lowered the wreck in awful silence, and Harvey spent his leisure hours for the next few days under Torn Platt’s lee, learning to use a needle and palm.
It is the mainstay of our moral system in England, Lady Stutfield.
Yet before I proceed to my legitimate subject some few final remarks will no doubt be expected by my Readers upon those pillars and mainstays of the Constitution of Flatland, the controllers of our conduct and shapers of our destiny, the objects of universal homage and almost of adoration: need I say that I mean our Circles or Priests?
And now the Trojans would have been routed and driven back into Ilius, had not Priam’s son Helenus, wisest of augurs, said to Hector and Aeneas, “Hector and Aeneas, you two are the mainstays of the Trojans and Lycians, for you are foremost at all times, alike in fight and counsel; hold your ground here, and go about among the host to rally them in front of the gates, or they will fling themselves into the arms of their wives, to the great joy of our foes.
National mainstay Patrick Nuqui turned back former World Cup champion Krizziah Tabora-Macatula of Sletba to rule the 5th Grand Mall Tenpin Bowling Club (GMTBC)-Yee Lu Fa National Heroes Open Championships recently.
MainStay MacKay DefinedTerm Municipal Opportunities Fund (NYSE:MMD) disclosed on Monday that it will pay a common stock dividend of USD0.085 per share for July, August and September 2019.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 26, 2019-10 Federal allies with Mainstay Global
Nkonya recalled that when the problem in the North East started, the World Bank and Federal Government did not look far before Fadama which was chosen because of the successful usage of bottom (mainstay) approach.
Our Suburban and MainStay Suites are the perfect choice for government travelers that want an immaculate, spacious and comfortable suite with all the amenities of “home.” Suites feature a full kitchen, so guests can prepare a home cooked meal in the comforts of their own suite.
The CEO of Mainstay Technologies, who oversees a growing IT and cybersecurity company with offices in Manchester and Belmont and clients statewide and in Massachusetts, wants to pass the test he knows he will give himself someday, from his porch rocker: Did he genuinely strengthen community and have a positive impact on the lives of the people around him?

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