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The feast has seven “Lupis” that symbolize the seven sorrows of Mary.
After the first description of Onchocerca lupi nematodes in 1967 in a Caucasian wolf (Canis lupis cubanensis) from Georgia (former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), this nematode has been recognized as the causative agent of canine and feline onchocercosis (3,4).
UXBRIDGE Philip “Charlie” Lupis, 79, of Uxbridge, formerly of Framingham and Cape Cod, died peacefully surrounded by his family, Saturday, November 5, 2011 at the Milford Regional hospital in Milford.
Fighting for the Blues team will be Celatus the Murmillo and Amazonia the Gladiatrix and the for the Reds there’s Achillia the Gladiatrix and Lupis the Retiarius.
Italian firms want to invest in Macedonia but trade between the two countries has been blocked because of the bad infrastructure of Corridor 8, says Massimo Lupis, representative of the Italian Government in the international project Amico.
Canus Lupis Arguido which translates to wolf and victim in Latin and Portuguese, will run at Durham Art Gallery, in Durham city until September 7.
Canus Lupis Arguido (Canis Lupis being the Latin for Wolf and Arguido being the Portuguese for victim) focuses on the theme of missing people and forms part of the wider Folk and Fairytales Exhibition at Durham Art Gallery.
Eric and the Enchanted Leaf: A Visit with Canis Lupis
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In his native Uzbekistan, a predominantly Muslim country that places strict limits on freedom of speech, the openly gay journalist and political activist wrote many articles criticizing the government, “Most independent journalists in Uzbekistan try to skim the boundary of what’s acceptable while staying mindful of where that boundary is,” say Alex Lupis, program coordinator for Europe and Central Asia at the Committee to Protect Journalists, an organization that monitors media freedom around the globe.

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