definition of lucidly by The Free Dictionary

“You cannot, if we did not,” Mr Clare answered lucidly.
The elegance of the breakfast set forced itself on Catherine’s notice when they were seated at table; and, lucidly, it had been the general’s choice.
He had found himself quite “standing up” to this personage over a failure on the latter’s part to observe some detail of one of their noted conditions, and had so lucidly argued his case that, besides ever so prettily flushing, at the time, for sympathy in his triumph, she had afterwards said to him (though to a slightly greater effect of irony) that he had clearly for too many years neglected a real gift.
And he read aloud to me in his remarkable style, paralleling the text with a running criticism and commentary, lucidly wording involved and lumbering periods, casting side and cross lights upon the subject, introducing points the author had blundered past and objections he had ignored, catching up lost ends, flinging a contrast into a paradox and reducing it to a coherent and succinctly stated truth–in short, flashing his luminous genius in a blaze of fire over pages erstwhile dull and heavy and lifeless.
This lady’s name, stated in uncompromising capitals of considerable size on a brass door-plate, and yet not lucidly as to sex or condition, was BILLICKIN.
Micawber went on to say, still with the same air of putting a case lucidly. ‘What is the conclusion, my dear Mr.
Winterbourne reflected for an instant as lucidly as possible– “we” could only mean Miss Daisy Miller and himself.
‘The trainers are mostly males who lack better communication skills at times to explain the situation lucidly to a woman driver.
The borrowers have no option but to agree and strictly abide by the lucidly spelled out terms and conditions set forth by the respective lending agency for giving loans.
Tony argues lucidly that building work should be run by councils as then any profit is put back into the building work at the Council and not frittered away.
“He explains lucidly why Korean unification is the ultimate answer to security, economic and social problems created through 70 years of division.”
The text magnificently explains a mass of information lucidly; the illustrations, diagrams and photographs are excellent selected with famous faces, Stephen Hawking sharing prominence with equally remarkable but less well known individuals.

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