definition of longnecks by The Free Dictionary

She’s tough as nails, five feet two inches in height, wears blue jeans, a blue jean jacket, smokes Marlboros, drinks Bud Longnecks. She makes her living driving truck, and plays pool on the side.
In keeping with the Texas theme, they also served up cold Lone Star and Shiner Bock longnecks.
Inside, surrounded by several bars, the massive parquet floor fills each weekend with boot-scootin’ line dancers sipping longnecks and often moving to the live tunes of touring musical acts.
Back at Hooray, the majesty of the trip was soaking in: the birds, games on the big screens, steaks the size of the ‘Ol 96er and late-night longnecks with friends, new and old.
Willikers’ appeal is heightened by its Texas kitsch, country music from the juke box and Lone Star longnecks, but it remains solidly a local’s watering hole and restaurant replete with pickup trucks and minivans side-by-side in the parking lot.
We look up, drink longnecks, arc our bodies like wonder is a thing to be known in high dark sky.
A full-length stainless steel handle locks upright for easy carrying with one hand.Capacity is 5.2 gallons (longnecks welcome!).Proprietary PermaFrost insulation keeps your kill or drinks cold, plus one-piece, rotomolded construction makes sure that this cooler lasts.
I spent a night in a local hotel, where the bar was full of oil field workers drinking longnecks and winding down from a day on the job.
“I knew items pictured on food menus sold best, and I kept looking at beer ads showing frosty pints and longnecks, thinking, ‘Why not put that visual power toward beverages?’ People don’t only eat with their eyes, they drink with them, too,” he says.
Everyone knows UT frat guys think Lone Star longnecks are part of a healthy breakfast.
We also run constant promotions, to best utilize our space.” Finkelstein uses any and all resources to engage his guests, like a 22-inch stuffed giraffe in the middle of the store (to promote Bud longnecks), a hot-tub-enhanced wine tasting for Gallo’s Barefoot wines, and an arcade-style basketball shooting game for March Madness.
With song titles like Longnecks and Rednecks, Familiar Drinkin’ Song and the title track, Black clearly succeeded in his mission.

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