definition of jiggers by The Free Dictionary

“Oh, she ain’t handsome, of course; but I will own up she don’t look like the same woman, what with the ribbons an’ lace jiggers Miss Pollyanna makes her wear ’round her neck.”

“Well then,” said he, “I’m jiggered if I don’t see you home!”

This penalty of being jiggered was a favourite supposititious case of his.

Three dollars an’ twelve an’ a half cents I’m jiggered out of on the room I’m rentin’.
We wanted to take him ashore at once, but Henry was game; he said he’d be jiggered if he’d leave a school like that for anything short of lockjaw; then he kept fishing away, hauling in hand over fist and groaning between times.
“Well, I’m jiggered!” the boy exclaimed, under his breath.
Why, I even went back over my accounts and paid Sweitzer fifty quid I’d jiggered him out of in a deal in Fiji three years before.
“Well, I’m jiggered!” cried Harry Fisher, staring at him.
The camp is also running an eye clinic, haemoglobin count to test for anaemia, youth-friendly clinic, reproductive health and child welfare as well as treatment of those afflicted by jiggers.
DARREN WEIR’S rags-to-riches training career was officially brought to a halt yesterday when he was disqualified for four years after not contesting charges relating to the discovery of three electrical apparatus, or jiggers, at his Ballarat premises last week.
At a hearing by Racing Victoria late Monday, Weir said he would not contest three charges of possessing the Taser-like “jiggers“, which are used to prompt a horse to perform better on the track.

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