definition of Japs by The Free Dictionary

We’re Saxons, you an’ me, an’ Mary, an’ Bert, and all the Americans that are real Americans, you know, and not Dagoes and Japs and such.”
Californians, as a rule, are familiar with ju-jutsu, and I especially had made a study of it for several years, both at school and in the gym of the Los Angeles Athletic Club, while recently I had had, in my employ, a Jap who was a wonder at the art.
The Japs had built a wall of coral and sticks under the water, and the barges hit that.
Listening to the six-song set “Umaga,” we were not surprised the Carl and Japs duo still sounds full.
Offering diversion programs, such as the Juvenile Arbitration Program (JAP), alleviates the financial and personnel strains on a congested justice system.
“But having met the Japs one can only imagine kicking their heads in.
Alongside “pearl harbor,” the incredibly offensive slur “japs” also began trending on Twitter, with many young, mostly white, Americans employing the two terms side-by-side.
Pop culture first chronicled–though didn’t yet label–the JAP in literary works like Herman Wouk’s 1955 novel Marjorie Morningstar and Philip Roth’s Goodbye, Columbus, published in 1959.
The first deep cuts in the process of severing Japan from the Chinese mainland were accomplished by land-based American search ‘planes from Okinawa region, which sank four and damaged another 16 Jap commercial vehicles on Saturday in the Tsushima and Chosen Straits between Japan and Korea.
Swedish consulting group SWECO said on Thursday (1 February) that its Finnish subsidiary SWECO PIC has agreed to acquire Swedish consulting engineering company JAPS Elektronik AB for an undisclosed sum.
In Tuesday’s debate Ms Burnham said: “Why not invest in the Maglev train that the Japs use to whiz through the countryside at 320mph rather than piddling around at 60mph as we do.”

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