definition of intrinsically by The Free Dictionary

It is not enough that your designs, nay, that your actions, are intrinsically good; you must take care they shall appear so.
(3) Can we observe anything which differs in its intrinsic nature from the constituents of the physical world, or is everything that we can observe composed of elements intrinsically similar to the constituents of what is called matter?
And it’s being me, Kostya Levin, who went to a ball in a black tie, and was refused by the Shtcherbatskaya girl, and who was intrinsically such a pitiful, worthless creature–that proves nothing; I feel sure Franklin felt just as worthless, and he too had no faith in himself, thinking of himself as a whole.
He knew, further, that the California & Altamont Trust Company has an intrinsically sound institution, but that just then it was in a precarious condition due to Klinkner’s speculations with its money.
It was intrinsically different from the Vale of Little Dairies, Blackmoor Vale, which, save during her disastrous sojourn at Trantridge, she had exclusively known till now.
This I take to show how intrinsically I am not an alcoholic.
He was self-repelled, as though he had undergone some degradation or was intrinsically foul.
There was no need for silence or caution now; and yet, as they stood about the squat and ugly figure, which, in spite of its hideousness, was worth a fortune intrinsically and as an antique, they heard from the direction of the stone passage a noise.
“More than you think it really and intrinsically worth.”
“Yes,” murmured the agitated king, without, however, daring to manifest his emotion, for it had no other cause than contact with a nature intrinsically noble.
That it was intrinsically valuable was a truism I had never questioned.
Intrinsically the deceit had been quite venial, the reason for it obviously the reason that Raffles had given me.

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