definition of interpretable by The Free Dictionary

It was perhaps a doubt as to what manner of men this unceremonious stranger’s comrades might be, together with something in his words interpretable as a challenge, that caused every man of our half-dozen “gentlemen adventurers” to rise to a sitting posture and lay his hand upon a weapon–an act signifying, in that time and place, a policy of expectation.
The image shows good interpretable data down to 1 second or 1,800 m, and indicates a coal sequence in the CBM window interpreted at round 400 msec, or 700 m.
Naming this program explainable AI (rather than interpretable, comprehensible, or transparent AI, for example) reflects DARPA’s objective to create more human-understandable AI systems through the use of effective explanations.
It is challenging to transform pixels that form the images to interpretable features, but with the advances in computer vision algorithms, we are now attempting to uncover another dimension of the condition as it manifests online,” said Sharath Guntuku, PhD, a research scientist with Penn Medicine’s Center for Digital Health and lead author of the study.
Results for the 10 mg dose were not interpretable due to the small sample size of patients assigned to this dose.
Fven less readily interpretable amino acid substitutions may in some cases be scrutinized against known or computer predicted protein structures with a reasonable chance of spotting significantly disruptive changes (putting a proline in the middle of that critical a-helix probably isn’t a good thing)!
Discover will use the Zest Automated Machine Learning platform to improve credit underwriting by taking advantage of interpretable machine learning approaches to make more accurate lending decisions.
Webster is an old word for weaver, interpretable as: 1) human weaver; 2) spider; 3) surfer, web surfer, webmaster; 4) Noah Webster’s alphabetical web.
This helps keep a high energy spectrum clean and more easily interpretable.
The issue in this case is the small number of features that can bias our image regarding their activity although high interpretable classification models may be obtained.
The summary noted that the architectural and cellular patterns generated by IVM are interpretable by pathologists to make differential diagnoses and to identify areas for biopsy, improving diagnostic yield.

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