definition of insurgence by The Free Dictionary

She cut them short, for Eustace’s insurgence had interfered with her flow of ideas.
And then one bright day Bert, motoring toward Croydon, was arrested by the insurgence of a huge, bolster-shaped monster from the Crystal Palace grounds, and obliged to dismount and watch it.
She was stunned by the awful facts of this Game she did not understand–the grip it laid on men’s souls, its irony and faithlessness, its risks and hazards and fierce insurgences of the blood, making woman pitiful, not the be-all and end-all of man, but his toy and his pastime; to woman his mothering and caretaking, his moods and his moments, but to the Game his days and nights of striving, the tribute of his head and hand, his most patient toil and wildest effort, all the strain and the stress of his being–to the Game, his heart’s desire.
He felt the stress and strain of life, its fevers and sweats and wild insurgences – surely this was the stuff to write about!
The stability of the region against the insurgence of al Shabaab would largely be influenced depending on how the elections go,’ Kenya said.
Over 40,000 South Sudanese refugees have sought safety in Uganda since 2017 citing fears of fresh armed insurgence, hunger, sexual and physical violence and forced recruitment of children, among others.
To him, it is imperative for multi-agency and collaborative approach by all in dealing with the situation and that the internal security and counter insurgence operations would be conducted to assist the civil authorities to maintain or restore law and order.
Stepping back in time to a decade of such change is mind-blowing, especially for someone like me who was a young child in the 60s, but was naturally completely unaware of the rebellion and insurgence of the time.
Given the success of supplementary doses, the program was re-strategised from hujra-based vaccination to door-to-door vaccination which brought polio virus near eradication in 2006 but the rise of insurgence and complexity of geo strategic changes, the program was adversely affected and aggravated more when target killings of polio workers started in 2012.
This insurgence of powerful fifth columnists has realised Nye Bevan’s nightmare of “rule by small pockets of Welsh speaking, Welsh writing zealots, with the vast majority of Welshmen denied participation in the government of their country”.
The sequel let players customize their own character, the first time in an “Insurgence” game.

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