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So that we here have many species descended from a single progenitor grouped into genera; and the genera are included in, or subordinate to, sub-families, families, and orders, all united into one class.

Such expressions as that famous one of Linnaeus, and which we often meet with in a more or less concealed form, that the characters do not make the genus, but that the genus gives the characters, seem to imply that something more is included in our classification, than mere resemblance.

Unity means that everything included in the work ought to contribute directly or indirectly to the main effect.
Under Thought is included every effect which has to be produced by speech, the subdivisions being,– proof and refutation; the excitation of the feelings, such as pity, fear, anger, and the like; the suggestion of importance or its opposite.
Of the many verses from time to time ascribed to the pen of Edgar Poe, and not included among his known writings, the lines entitled “Alone” have the chief claim to our notice.
I mean that, in attempting to state the PROXIMATE cause of the present event, some past event or events must be included, unless we take refuge in hypothetical modifications of brain structure.) For example: you smell peat-smoke, and you recall some occasion when you smelt it before.
But in a secondary sense those things are called substances within which, as species, the primary substances are included; also those which, as genera, include the species.
Her overflowing amiability included even poor Miss Darnaway and the absent brothers and sisters.
The “Aethiopis” thus included the coming of the Amazon Penthesilea to help the Trojans after the fall of Hector and her death, the similar arrival and fall of the Aethiopian Memnon, the death of Achilles under the arrow of Paris, and the dispute between Odysseus and Aias for the arms of Achilles.
The streets were filled with people wearing their best clothes, and the fashions included not only “the latest thing,” but the well preserved relic of a bygone day.
The powers included in the THIRD class are those which provide for the harmony and proper intercourse among the States.
You shall have the use of this study three days in the week, for ten shillings a week–sleeping on the hearth-rug included, if you like.

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