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Such supplications, known as “imprecatory prayers,” have been embraced by some extremists in the Religious Right to use against their perceived enemies.
As it is, we will have to assume this abrupt beginning to have been in the established manner of imprecatory inscriptions” (p.
And worst I hope it will not lead to the imprecatory prayers,” the JIL Founder and Philippines for Jesus Movement (PJM) chairman said in a television interview.
For him, the meditative mind is the religious mind; imprecatory prayer is condemned as the self-pitying request that, just for now, 2+2 should = 5.
Psalm 35–“Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me”–is much loved for the imprecatory manner in which it calls on the God of Israel to fight one’s battles for him or her by bringing the enemy to ruin, shame, and disgrace.
Ancient donative inscriptions usually give details of grants made by a ruler or wealthy person, and often end with imprecatory verses that indicate the punishment any transgressor of the grant must face.
In response to Knox’s “imprecatory prayers,” Mary Queen of Scots is reputed to have said, “I fear the prayers of John Knox more than all the assembled armies of Europe.”
Any attempt to balance the benevolent chapters against the imprecatory ones, as Mr.
At issue in each, I contend, is the imprecatory force of the term “racism,” as it has found employment largely in the direction of a “reverse” predication in recent public parlance.
The first question sounds imprecatory, colored by a talk radio tone: “Most of us in the room are over 65 and worried about Medicare.
This article addresses the manner in which the imprecatory psalms provide a valuable mechanism for the cathartic release of negative emotion.
Ghosts such as these curse at the present with the imprecatory psalms implicit in the foundation of the Zionist state — and, as the nation’s history unfurled, became explicit in her policies.

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