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And yet, is anybody else bothered by the thin veil of hyper-pitched American hucksterism behind all this?
It’s a disgrace that this government of none of the talents has descended into this bunco booth hucksterism. ‘Just sign on the dotted line and all will be better’ we are told, whilst ministerial hands hover over the contractual small print that will rip us off.
Can a poem eradicate ageism, ableism, anti–Semitism, classism, consumerism, corporatism, dogmatism, egotism, fundamentalism, heterosexism, homophobia, hucksterism, imperialism, inequality, intolerance, Islamophobia, materialism, militarism, racism, religism, sexism, terrorism violence, xenophobia all the ideological markers of privilege and fear and stupidity and meanness that render the world toxic and noxious?
“People need to realise that genomics companies are a mix of science and corporate hucksterism,” Marks said.
In The Tempest, the hucksterism of Trinculo and Stephano pits the solemn theological interpretation of prodigies against a shrewd secular commercialization that Shakespeare located specifically in England, as Mark Burnett has discussed.
The conclusion is inescapable that Stockman is engaging in some hucksterism here.
It is hucksterism rather than evangelism when the New Barbarians “are told to ‘cultivate themselves,’ to ‘seek truth’ and ‘freedom,’ and all that; but in what they consist, or how they should be sought, is left vague” (“Lower Orders” 366).
The movie that established Alexander Payne as a major filmmaker is a ruthless satire that brilliantly exposes the politics of high-school society, but it’s also a great drama about politics, period: the back-scratching and back-stabbing, the showbiz hucksterism, the levels of lying that require almost anyone who’s going to prove successful at it to be one part sociopath.
Hopefully us north easterners are canny enough to see through the Brexiteers’ spivvy hucksterism to give us some long-needed stability and certainty to thrive into the 21st century.
Modern society is characterized by an “intensity of competition,” which “drives the public more and more to play high for success,” resulting in greater fraud, hucksterism, bankruptcy, and other heretofore “disgraceful” behaviors that begin to lose whatever salutary stigma they may have had in an earlier age.
On Twitter, Theroux said: “RIP Paul Daniels, a thoughtful skeptic, enemy of hucksterism and paranormal flimflam, and gifted magician.
“A thoughtful sceptic, enemy of hucksterism and paranormal flimflam, and gifted magician.

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