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adj. high·er, high·est


a. Having a relatively great elevation; extending far upward: a high mountain; a high tower.

b. Extending a specified distance upward: a cabinet ten feet high.

2. Far or farther from a reference point: was too high in the offensive zone to take a shot.


a. Being at or near the peak or culminating stage: the high tourist season; high summer.

b. Advanced in development or complexity: high forms of animal life; higher mathematics.

c. Far removed in time; remote: high antiquity.


a. Slightly spoiled or tainted; gamy. Used of meat.

b. Having a bad smell; malodorous.


a. Having a pitch corresponding to a relatively large number of sound-wave cycles per second: the high tones of a flute.

b. Raised in pitch; not soft or hushed: a high voice.

6. Situated relatively far from the equator: a high latitude.


a. Of great importance: set a high priority on funding the housing program.

b. Eminent in rank or status: a high official.

c. Serious; grave: high crimes and misdemeanors.

d. Constituting a climax; crucial: The chase scene is the high point of the film.

e. Characterized by lofty or stirring events or themes: high adventure; high drama.

8. Lofty or exalted in quality or character: a person of high morals.


a. Greater than usual or expected, as in quantity, magnitude, cost, or degree: “A high price has to be paid for the happy marriage with the four healthy children” (Doris Lessing).

b. Favorable: He has a high opinion of himself.

10. Of great force or violence: high winds.


a. Informal Excited or euphoric: high spirits.

b. Slang Intoxicated by alcohol or a drug, such as cocaine or marijuana.

12. Luxurious; extravagant: high living.

13. Linguistics Of or relating to vowels produced with part of the tongue close to the palate, as in the vowel of tree.

14. Of, relating to, or being the gear configuration or setting, as in an automotive transmission, that produces the greatest vehicular speed with respect to engine speed.

adv. higher, highest

1. At, in, or to a lofty position, level, or degree: saw a plane high in the sky; prices that had gone too high.

2. In an extravagant or luxurious way: made a fortune and lived high.


1. A lofty place or region.

2. A high level or degree: Summer temperatures reached an all-time high.

3. The high gear configuration of a transmission.

4. A center of high atmospheric pressure; an anticyclone.


a. Informal An excited or euphoric condition: The team was on a high after winning in overtime.

b. Slang An intoxicated or euphoric condition induced by alcohol or a drug.


high and dry

1. In a position of helplessness; stranded: went off and left me high and dry.

2. Nautical Out of water. Used of a ship, for example.

high and low

Here and there; everywhere: searched high and low for the keys.

on high

1. High in the sky.

2. In heaven.

3. In a position of authority.

[Middle English, from Old English hēah.]

high′ly adv.

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1. being a relatively great distance from top to bottom; tall: a high building.

2. situated at or extending to a relatively great distance above the ground or above sea level: a high plateau.


a. (postpositive) being a specified distance from top to bottom: three feet high.

b. (in combination): a seven-foot-high wall.

4. extending from an elevation: a high dive.

5. (in combination) coming up to a specified level: knee-high.

6. being at its peak or point of culmination: high noon.

7. of greater than average height: a high collar.

8. greater than normal in degree, intensity, or amount: high prices; a high temperature; a high wind.

9. of large or relatively large numerical value: high frequency; high voltage; high mileage.

10. (General Physics) (of sound) acute in pitch; having a high frequency

11. (Physical Geography) (of latitudes) situated relatively far north or south from the equator

12. (Cookery) (of meat) slightly decomposed or tainted, regarded as enhancing the flavour of game

13. of great eminence; very important: the high priestess.

14. exalted in style or character; elevated: high drama.

15. expressing or feeling contempt or arrogance: high words.

16. elated; cheerful: high spirits.

17. (predicative) informal overexcited: by the end of term the children are really high.

18. (Psychology) informal being in a state of altered consciousness, characterized esp by euphoria and often induced by the use of alcohol, narcotics, etc

19. luxurious or extravagant: high life.

20. advanced in complexity or development: high finance.

21. (Automotive Engineering) (of a gear) providing a relatively great forward speed for a given engine speed. Compare low121
22. (Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics of, relating to, or denoting a vowel whose articulation is produced by raising the back of the tongue towards the soft palate or the blade towards the hard palate, such as for the ee in English see or oo in English moon. Compare low120

23. (capital when part of name) formal and elaborate in style: High Mass.

24. (Anglicanism) (usually capital) of or relating to the High Church

25. remote, esp in time

26. (Card Games) cards

a. having a relatively great value in a suit

b. able to win a trick

27. high and dry stranded; helpless; destitute

28. high and low in all places; everywhere

29. high and mighty informal arrogant

30. high as a kite informal

a. very drunk

b. overexcited

c. euphoric from drugs

31. high opinion a favourable opinion


32. at or to a height: he jumped high.

33. in a high manner

34. (Nautical Terms) nautical close to the wind with sails full


35. a high place or level

36. (Psychology) informal a state of altered consciousness, often induced by alcohol, narcotics, etc

39. (Placename) (capital) (esp in Oxford) the High Street

40. (Electronics) electronics the voltage level in a logic circuit corresponding to logical one. Compare low130
41. on high

a. at a height

b. in heaven

[Old English hēah; related to Old Norse hār, Gothic hauhs, Old High German hōh high, Lithuanian kaũkas bump, Russian kúchča heap, Sanskrit kuča bosom]

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adj. and
adv. -er, -est,
n. adj.

1. having a great or considerable height; lofty; tall: a high wall.

2. having a specified height: The tree is now 20 feet high.

3. situated above the ground or some base; elevated: a high ledge.

4. exceeding the common degree or measure; strong; intense: high speed; high color.

5. expensive; costly; dear: high prices; high rent.

6. exalted, as in rank, station, or eminence: a high official.

7. elevated in pitch: high notes.

8. extending to or from an elevation: a high dive.

9. great in quantity, as number, degree, or force: a high temperature; high cholesterol.

10. holding to High Church principles and practices.

11. of great consequence; important; grave: high crimes against humanity.

12. elated; merry or hilarious: high spirits; a high old time.

13. rich; extravagant; luxurious: to indulge in high living.

14. intoxicated or euphoric under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

15. remote: high latitude; high antiquity.

16. extreme in opinion or doctrine, esp. in religion or politics: a high Tory.

17. of or designating highland or inland regions.

18. having considerable energy or potential power.

19. pertaining to the gear transmission ratio at which the drive shaft speed and the speed of the engine crankshaft most closely correspond: high gear.

20. (of a vowel) articulated with the upper surface of the tongue relatively close to the palate, as the vowels of eat, it, boot, and put. Compare low 1 (def. 27).

21. (esp. of game) aged until verging on decomposition; slightly tainted.

22. (of a pitched baseball) crossing the plate at a level above the batter’s shoulders.

23. (of a playing card)

a. having greater value than other denominations or suits.

b. able to take a trick; being a winning card.


24. at or to a high point, place, or level.

25. in or to a high rank or estimate: to aim high in political ambition.

26. at or to a high amount or price.

27. in or to a high degree.

28. luxuriously; richly; extravagantly: to live high.

29. Naut. as close to the wind as is possible while making headway with sails full.


30. high gear.

31. an atmospheric pressure system characterized by relatively high pressure at its center.

32. a high or the highest point, place, or level; peak: a record high for unemployment.


a. an intoxicated or euphoric state induced by alcohol or narcotics.

b. a period of sustained excitement, exhilaration, or the like.


1. high and dry,

a. (of a ship) grounded so as to be entirely above water at low tide.

b. deserted; stranded: to be left high and dry.

2. high and low, in every possible place; everywhere: to search high and low.

3. high on, enthusiastic about; favorably disposed toward.

4. on high,

a. at or to a height; above.

b. in heaven.

c. having a high position, as one who makes important decisions: the powers on high.

[before 900; Middle English heigh, variant of he(g)h, hey, Old English hēah, hēh, c. Old Frisian hāch, Old Saxon, Old High German hoh, Old Norse hār, Gothic hauhs; akin to Lithuanian kaũkas swelling]

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